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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stampin Up Demonstrator create fun and useful Christmas gift ideas

Some beautiful stampin up artwork I found while blog hopping. If this work is yours be sure to leave a comment with your blog address so all viewers can visit your blog!
You will all be entered into my $150 free stamps contest, winner will be announced Christmas Day!

Little Ellie, after spending her first couple months of life in the hospital was able to go home to be with her family before the Holidays!  She is such a Mighty Mouse. Good job Ellie.
Thank you to everyone who was praying for her and her family. They are so happy to have their little one at home.!

One of the things we are working on right now is the HOPE journals for the homeless children in elementary school.
we are gathering the white cardboard that is in the back of the packs of our Stampin Up paper and cutting them with the top note die. 

Do you have that top note die or any extra cardboard? If so, would you be willing to cut some out and send them to us?

Sherrill Graff
HOPE journals
605 Kendrick Place
Boulder City, NV 89005

we will be trying to make 600 of these journals before February 1st.

This is our son Ken. He had a successful dear hunt this fall. He also had a good football season. Good job Ken!

This is our son Jim. He is on top of the world.... He just turned 18 and is now an Eagle Scout! 
Congratulations Jim!

Our Fall service Project was a success. Our totals for the service project were 7,342 cards and 806 blankets donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Thank you to everyone who made and donated cards and blankets for the children.

Thanksgiving at Grandmas house. 
What a wonderful Day we had. The food was good and the pies... well we had a lot of them!

This is a photo of our daughters Heather and Tiffany at Tiffany's Baby Shower.

She received so many beautiful gifts for the baby. How wonderful it is to have so many kind friends who care for our family.  She was so pleased with everything she received, thank you to everyone who blessed her with a gift.

There were from Tiffany's baby shower. They were all made with the Big Shot!

Yes, Tiffany and Justin are expecting a Baby Girl!

Some beautiful stampin up artwork I found while blog hopping. If this work is yours be sure to leave a comment with your blog address so all viewers can visit your blog!
You will all be entered into my $150 free stamps contest, winner will be announced Christmas Day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

win free stampin up merchandise - leave a comment on my blog, sherrill graff

win free stampin up merchandise - leave a comment on one of my blogs
Winners chosen on December 25th.
In your comment, tell me what project you are working on now

If you are not already a member you can join this great Stampin Up group. It's for everyone who loves stampin up products and ideas.

If you live in or near Las Vegas Nevada and wish to come to our free card making and scrapbooking events please join.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take time to Pray to Ponder and to bless the lives of others today

We delivered over 500 cards and 30 handcrafted blankets to the Las Vegas Ronald McDonald house this week. A special thank you to everyone who is helping make cards and blankets for the kids! You are wonderful. Many hands make light work. Thank you.

Teach others how to make greeting cards

Serve and bless the lives of others.

Many mornings I get up before anyone else. It gives me time to reflect upon the events that will unfold that day. It gives me time to count my blessings, to pray or to read.
A wise woman once said she prays to touch someone's life each and every day. 
Ever since I have tried to follow her example I have been blessed to see when I can help someone out. 

This is totally off the subject of stamping but I feel I need to share this story.
One morning I had left home with plenty of time to get where I was going. I was driving a bit slow with the radio off. I had the feeling I needed to go visit a friend. I felt that she needed me.
I drove to her house. Parked the car and went to her front door and knocked. There was no answer. As I was turning to leave a thought came into my head that said "open the door"
So I poked my head inside and called her name. As I listened for a response, I could hear the daughter crying and the mother frantically giving her directions but I was to far away to hear exactly what she was saying. Without giving it a second thought, I walked into her house announcing that I was coming in. I kept saying in a loud voice "Kris this is Sherrill, I'm coming down the hall, can I help?" When I got to where they were I saw the daughter with her foot in the sink the water was running over a large gash. The mom was panicking and not able to do much to stop the bleeding let alone calm her daughter. A calm spirit came over me and I was able to wrap the daughters foot tightly in a towel and get her and the daughter to their car. She drove her to the emergency room where the daughter had stitches and everything turned out all right.

My point is, Sometimes we are led to help those in need.  I was thankful that day that I had extra time. If I had been in a hurry and more concerned about getting somewhere on time, I may not have felt the promptings. If I had had the radio on I may not have felt the desire to go visit my friend. 

We all need time to think to ponder and even time to pray.
Our job as stampin up demonstrators usually give us an overabundance of driving time. My suggestion is, leave a bit early so you will have plenty of time to get there. That will allow you to be calm even in traffic. May I also suggest we turn uplifting music on and turn the volume down so that we can hear our thoughts and take the time to ponder or pray while we drive.

A few years ago I had a 15 min ride to work and a 15 min ride home. On the way I'd keep the radio off and just talk to God as if he were on the phone with me. People who passed just thought I had blue tooth so it was ok. Some people may think this is disrespectful to pray while driving. I found out that I had some prayers that lasted all 15 min. I prayed for more of my family members, more of my friends and I also found myself praying for the person who's car was on the side of the road.  I also found that I listened for guidance as I sat quietly. 

Doing this while driving to workshops gave me time to think about the needs of others and I was able to feel promptings and receive guidance for the event I was going to.
Many times I would pray for help with making an event successful. Some of you remember what I wrote about my first experience with teaching the sight impaired how to make cards.
I knew they wouldn't be able to see if the images were right side up or if they had enough ink on the stamp and as I pondered how to best serve them the idea of using the big shot die cuts came to me. One of the ladies told me the die cuts have a slight ridge on one side of the cardstock once it has gone through the big shot, so she knew which side was up. 

Today Alice (my newest downline member) and I were teaching the seniors and as we were leaving we noticed a large group of adults that used sign language were meeting at the same recreation center. I asked if we could do something for them. 
Later on today I was thinking about them and I know if I had a sample card showing each step needed to complete a card that they could do it! 
I am determined to go back and share our love of stamping with them.  Even if all it does is give them a smile knowing that they made such a cute card!

Where there is love, there is always a way.
May each of you take time to ponder and to pray.
May you be blessed with many opportunities to serve.
Alice and I only had 6 in class today but the 6 of them were happy for 30 minutes! I am sure each time they look at what they made a smile will return to their face. 

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Prayers needed for Ellie - Ronald McDonald house card drive

Ellie with her daddy Chris, look at how small she is.

This beautiful little girl is Ellie. Her mom is Becky. Her dad is Chris. Her Grandma is Peggy.
Many of you who have been following Ellie's story know that she was born in Las Vegas almost a month ago with heart problems. She had surgery and is slowly being weened off the equipment that was required to sustain life. Today is a big day for Ellie. She will be taken off the respirator to see if she can breath on her own. Many prayers are needed for her today.

This is a photo of Becky holding Ellie. What a blessing this little child is. Thank you for your continued prayers for this family.

past update: Eliana did good J One pulmonary artery was fine and they put a stent in the other which should help.


The right pulmonary had no obstruction. The left pulmonary artery had a really really really small opening.


They put a balloon in to stretch the artery and a stent in to keep the artery open.

Many children who come into this life with medical problems need extra prayers. Their family members can use extra prayers as well. Many of the families we support with our cards for kids have newborns. Please help us as we strive to create cards that will encourage these parents. 

If you can help, please e-mail me personally.

Sherrill Graff

Friday, September 25, 2009

Help wanted - Stampin Up Independent Demonstrator position opening

We put Family First, We help you make lasting impressions, we help you build relationships and be creative. 
My mom was pretty creative this year for Halloween. I'm the tin man in the middle.
Creativity is something I learned from a young age. If you love creativity and wish to inspire others by sharing your talents you may wish to consider joining our team.
I have a friend who has worked in the medical transcription business now for 26 years. Her career that has helped to support her family.  Lately, she has found that the industry is slowly dying, with more work being sent off-shore.  
In the last year and a half, she has been laid off from her job not once, but three times, which has made her life very financially challenging.  
She begin to wonder where she belongs, what she should be doing with her time, what her purpose is in life is. She also wanted to know what God has planned for her. 
She knew she needed to find a better way to support her family and she feels like she is making some a difference in someone's life with her Stampin Up business. 

It's so good to belong to a company that puts people and relationships FIRST!

To read more about the company go to  and click on our story.

Many people are finding what worked all these years is no longer working.
If you can relate to what happened to my friend you may wish to read on.

I have been with Stampin Up for 18 years. 
It's so nice to know Stampin Up has independent demonstrators. 
We chose where, when and how long we work. You can work Stampin Up full or part time, it's up to YOU.

If you are interested in hearing about the compensation plan. 
I'll be happy to share more with you.

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 

my recruit password is scrapbook1

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

big Shot samples, ideas and photos from Stampin Up demonstrators

Some of the Big Shot contest entries that came in this week. They are wonderful!!!
You can also enter the contest by leaving a nice comment on one of my blogs.
Have a fun stamp filled day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Inspiration to create a beautiful and interactive scrapbook page

Listen to uplifting music, read a good book or participate in a charity event.

All of these things will give us the inspiration we desire if we seek it.

One day I was in my craft room. I was listening to a talk on tape. I don't remember what the talk was about but I do remember the feeling that washed over me.  The feeling gave me the desire to pray. My prayers was simple. I asked to be inspired to create something that would knock my customers socks off.  I went back to my craft room and continued to listen to uplifting music while I worked.

May of you may remember me telling you about this inspiration.

This was one of the ideas we came up with. I say we because I did not come up with this all on my own. I believe I was blessed with Divine inspiration.

The 6X6 is in a page protector and has hinges made with the round tab punch. Then the hinges are attached to the outside of the 12X12 sheet protector creating an interactive scrapbook page!
That idea led to this one below.
As you can see from the photographs, the 6X6 opens. 
The 8 1/2 X 11 opens up as well!
This allows mw to get 8 or more good size photos on one layout!

That idea led to this idea below.
This is five 6X6 sheet protectors attached to the front of this 12X12.
You can get 11 photos on this page.  Then later on my husband suggested that I trim 1/4 inch off the sheet protectors so that I could get 2 rows of pages protectors all on this single 12X12!!!!!

I am so thankful for inspiration. I did end up knocking their socks off. I also sold 15 of these page kits in the first hour of my scrapbook crop.

I went on to teach this class over and over again over the next 2 years. It was so great to see how excited everyone was about this technique. I was also pleased to give the glory to God for the inspiration.  He will bless us with ideas and answers to our prayers when we seek his council and follow his Spirit. 

See how each page lifts up? How cool is that!
Go create something wonderful today. Hugs, Sherrill Graff

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wake Boarding on Lake Mead - Graff family Lake trip scrapbook page

Our families all get together every year on Lake Mead.
This year 4 of our teenagers decided it would be awesome to all wakeboard at the same time. 
They are all between 15-17 years old and you know how young men are they think they are invincible!
The first photo shows them putting on their boards.
The second shows them all skiing. 

Once around the lake and they start to improvise
They had the tricks finished before any of the moms could tell them no.

When I look at the last photo close up I can see the slightly worried look on my sons face.
Jake is the one in the air, he clears the boys heads with a foot to spare!  

Now for all you parents out there I have to tell you the trick. 
Jakes rope is about 3 feet longer then all the other ropes so even though it appears he is jumping over the boys heads he is really behind them. We caught it all on video. These boys sure have a lot of energy and a passion for wake boarding.

All of our family members LOVE the lake. They all wakeboard, many waterski and we all enjoy our yearly lake trip.
If you are ever out here in the Las Vegas area for the weekend, give me a call to see if you can join us for a day at the lake. 
We live in Boulder City which is about 10 min away from the water. If you are really lucky Grandma Graff may even make you a batch of her homemade sugar cookies :) YUM!

Monday, September 14, 2009

All American Past time - Baseball Scrapbok page by Sherrill Graff

Our family was Big on Baseball!  
Each child started to play when they were about 5 years old. Most of them payed one sport or another through high school. 

This layout is one of the series of My Digital Studio training classes we are doing for 
our Las Vegas Stampers. 

The squares and the stars are all punches. 
Each shape is then filled in with a different patterned background paper.

 I bet our son in law had no idea he was wearing a 
brocade blue shirt!

E-mail me if you live in or near the Las Vegas valley so you can get a schedule of our events. 

Salt Lake City Temple Square Digital scrapbooking by Sherrill Graff

This is our daughter Heather. When we were at convention she and her friend visited us in Salt Lake City and went to temple square. They took some beautiful photographs. The photo on the left is a reflection of Heather and the one to the right is a photo of some of the temple grounds in bloom. The bottom right hand photo is the reflection of the Temple, notice in the center of the photo...... the ripples.... 

The little things we do each day to lift another can have a ripple effect. Each little act of Kindness or word of encouragement can influence the lives of others in a positive way. 
May each of us be blessed to make a positive difference in the world around us.

May you and your family be blessed for all the good you do. 
We can do all things in Christ.
Love, Sherrill 

Graduation Scrapbook page with My Digital Studio by Sherrill Graff

I LOVE my family 
and I Love our new My Digital Studio 
Now that I have a program that will do my scrapbook pages in a flash I'm happy to get to work on fun family memories like this one. Justin and Tiffany both Graduated from BYU 
(Brigham Young University) in '06
Since then Justin and Tiffany have moved to St Louis MO where he attended Law School and she managed a recreation center. Justin just finished Law School and landed a Job with the Government. Congratulations on your accomplishments you two!

Stay tuned as I plan to share more family memories with you.
Happy scrapbooking, Sherrill