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Monday, August 31, 2009

Enter my FREE Give a way! Winner will receive FREE Stampin Up Merchandise

Please answer these survey questions to enter my drawing for FREE Stamps!

Question 1)
Which of my blogs do you like the best?
Question 2)
What do you like best about that particular blog?

Question 3)
What do you do more of traditional Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking?

Question 4)
Do you own a Big Shot?

Question 5)
Tell me which sample is the newest one on my website

Don't forget YOU MAY leave your blog address so visitors 
may hop over to your blog as well. 

Thank You, Sherrill Graff


Heather A said...

1)I like B best.
2) The blog header really makes the blog look welcoming and friendly.
3) Traditional but I hope to try the new Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio.
4) Yes, the Stampin' Up! Big Shot is one of my favourite tools. I love it!
5) I'm guessing the Princess and Pirate Party Kits one.
Heather Arsenault
gilles dot arsenault2 at sympatico dot ca

Debi said...

Question1 I like the first site the best
2 I liked the guest artist pages the best with the samples
3Traditional way is the only way I know so far
4Yes I have a Big shot and love it
5 The latest sample would be the pirate and princess set. The first card is the cupcake one.
My blog address is

Debi Pippin

Marjori said...

1. Do I have to pick just one? :o)
I'll pick B
2. It's nice to see your friendly smiling face!
3. I have never done digital scrapbooking and I am so interested in trying it!
4. YES! Don't know what I'd do without it!
5. The wicked cute Princess & Pirate Party kits!

You are such a caring, generous person to all of us paper crafters out there! Thanks for all you do!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

1. I like blog #1 best, though it looks like you have similar topics on blog #1 and blgo #2 (featured artist). I also like the tutorials, the watercolor one with all the pics is very explanatory...leaves nothing to be confused as to how to do it.
2. I think I like the tutorial the best, though the featured art works is great too. ALways love seeing fantastic cards.
3.I havent' done very much of either, but am really considering the digital because I have a lot of older pictures that need to be scanned and scrapped for my children of their relatives and deceased father.
4. Yes I own a it!
5. I think the Graveyard gala treat box is probably the newest, as the Pirate party is a featured project from SU, and I had that shown on my website also. My blog is
Connie in NM

Cheryl Kosakura said...

1. I like B
2. I love to see samples, do challenges and view tutorials.
3. So far traditional Scrapbooking but can't wait to try SU My Digital Studio.
4. I do have and love my Big Shot
5. I'm guessing Princess and Pirate Party

Thanks for the chance to win!

Teri said...

1.) I like A best.
2.) Guest artist pages
3) Traditional
4.) I love my Big Shot and use it a lot.
5.) Princess and pirate party.

Ilene B. said...

1) I like A best
2) more viewer friendly and love the guest artists & their projects
3)I don't do much scrapbooking but I guess I would be a Traditional.
4)I do own a Big Shot and LOVE it!
5)I'm guessing the Graveyard treat holder is the newest.
Thanks for all you do!
Ilene B.

Donna said...

Ques #1: I like A the best.
Ques #2: I loved the very detailed tutorial and the guest artist feature was great too!
Ques #3: Actually neither. I am a card maker primarily. I hope to branch out into scrapbooking at some point. It's too late for my kids but I'm hoping for the grandkids! ;)
Ques #4: No Big Shot but I do have a Cuttlebug.
Ques #5: I think it's the Graveyar Gala Treat Holder since it's dated September 1. (Isn't that today?) LOL!
I'd love for you to visit my blog:
Have a great day!

Greetings By Chera said...

1)I like B the best.
2)I like the visiting artist, and the design of the blog.
3)Just a traditional scrapbooker, and haven't done much of that lately.
4) No BS yet!
5)Gala treat holder

Chera Wiest

Dawn said...

Hi Sherrill!
1) Hard to pick, but I'll go with first website as my favorite
2) I really like the samples from the featured artists and that how to on the watercolor paper is great - so pretty!
3) I like creating with real stuff, so traditional for me
4) Yes - love my Big Shot!!
5) I think the Graveyard Gala treat holder
Thanks so much!
Happy Stampin'!

lisa said...

1. Tough choice but I'm going with #1.
2. Love the guest artists and best of the best samples all in one spot.
3. Traditional w/some hybrid photo editing thrown in. Curious to learn more about the Digital Studio.
4. Not yet! :(
5. Graveyard Treats! (so cute!)
Lisa Reber

megsmome said...

1. B
2.Your lovely picture is on the header and guest stampers.
3. Traditional. I have not mastered
digital yet. It scares me.
4. Yes! I never use my cricut anymore.
5.The Princess and Pirate party.

Thank yoou, and blessings to you and your family!

Monika said...

Question 1)
There isn't one that I like better than another - see question 2 about what I like on the blogs.

Question 2)
On any of the blogs I like to see the featured artists and the projects from other stampers, I also enjoy seeing the photographs from events such as convention.

Question 3)
Right now I do more traditional scrapbooking. But I'll be doing digital soon.

Question 4)
Yes - love my Big Shot!

Question 5)
The Halloween samples that SU posted today on our websites - the Graveyard treat holder and boo bag were added this morning.

Thanks for letting me play!
Monika Davis
my blog:

Kimberly Johnson said...

1 I like B Best
2 I love the pictures from 2009 events. I'm so excited for 2010. And the guest artist are wonderful, too!
3 Traditional, but only because I haven't tried digital yet.
4 Yes, I own a Big Shot
5 Greaveyard Gala

Kimberly @

T said...

1. I like blog 3 the best.

2. While I agree with Heather A about the blog header on the second blog, the frames on the side of the second blog make it seem very distracting. I like the first and third blogs the best, but I like the third blog the most because it is not just a standard white blog, but the color is not distracting either.

3. Well I don't do much scrapbooking, but what little I do is digital. I usually do one of the digital photobooks once a year. However, I do make cards.

4. Yes I have a big shot, and I use it whenever I have a chance.

5.I would have to venture a guess on this one, probably your Graveyard Treats sample. Which I might add is really cute.

Tiffany Robinson

Tiffany Bauer said...

1. I like (A) best
2. I like seeing tutorials
3. Traditional
4. Yes, yes, yes, yes I have one and LOVE it!!!!
5. Graveyard Treat Holder

Thanks so much!! Tiffany Bauer
My blog:

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

1. B
2. I think it is cleaner and more readable
3. Traditional scrapbooking, but I really want to do the digital scrapbooking this year (especially my Christmas Cards
4. Yes, I own the BIG SHOT, love it!
5. I am guessing too. Princess and Pirate party video

Eager2stamprsb said...

1) I like A the best
2) I liked seeing the samples of cards, featured stampers and the tutorials.
3) I have not done digital as of yet look forward to playing with it and can't wait for it to come in. Tradional can work alone or with a group. Need to do more of it.
4) Love my Big Shot! When it was released last year I was jumping for joy. I was one that did not own any of them.
5) Graveyard Gala Treat- very cute too.

Rubber Hugs,
Robin Boyer

Deej said...

1) I like A best.
2) Love the ideas by so many talented stampers
3) I have only done traditional, but beginning tomorrow, I will be in the digital world.
4)Yes, of course
5)Graveyard Gala Treat Holder

Thanks for all you do!

Denise Jorgensen

Jane Bosi said...

I like choice B for my favorite of your blogs--although I visit them all. Its clean and easy to read :) I'm a traditional scrapper, but plan to step out of my box and try the My Digital Studio--I have 5 children so, I need to capitalize on my time. I think the digi scrapping could be a great tool! I do own a big shot. I think the latest card is with the party kits :)

You are such an inspiration! Thank you!

Please visit me at


Luv 2 Cre8 With U said...

1)I like the first sight the best.
2)The variety of artist ideas is great.
3)Traditional is what I have always used.
4)I own a Big Shot. Need to promote the business, right?
5)This is a just a guess, Graveyard and Gala treat holder.
My blog is:

Joy.Grant said...

1)I like B
2) Very easy to follow
3) Traditional. I would like to do digital for gifts. I'm a Mac user (thinking about purchasing a PC though) so it is hard to find software. I also like the hybrid idea
4) No, I have been debating this purchase for about 3 months
5) The Princess and Pirate Party invitations.


Jan said...

Question 1)
Which of my blogs do you like the best?


1. My favorite blog(at least for today!) is the latenightstamper1.blogspot site. Until you pointed it out a couple of months ago, I didn't even realize that you had more than one blog!

Question 2)
What do you like best about that particular blog?

2. The cool samples you had posted! Not the samples on the other blogs are not equally cool, these just appealed me to the most.

Question 3)
What do you do more of traditional Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking?

Neither really...I have done a few small brag books (paper bag and coaster book style) as well as one "digital album" on snapfish which I loved doing due to the ease of when they announced the MDS release I was really excited because I have decided that I can really "get into" the digital scrapping!

Question 4)
Do you own a Big Shot?

4. What a silly question...yes, OF COURSE!!! These days it appears I have trouble stamping without my Big Shot...crazy, isn't it?

Question 5)
Tell me which sample is the newest one on my website

5. That's a tough question....I am going to go out on a limb and hazard a guess that it's the black and white "BOO" box w/marshmallows as I don't recall having seen that one before and I think I did see the Graveyard Gala with licorice.

Jan Hoyt O'Fallon, IL
(yes, see what I learned from Sherrill? ALWAYS put your blog and DBWS urls on your comments!)

Wendy Hawkinson said...

Question 1: I like the first two blogs the best. If I have to choose between them I will pick A

Question 2: I like the cards of course! :)

Question 3: Traditional, but I could see myself transforming into a digital scrapbooker.

Question 4: No! My birthday is on the 3rd...I'm hoping it's #1 on my wishlist.

Question 5:Graveyard Gala Treat Holder (honestly, I'm guessing here)

Thanks for all you do,
Wendy Hawkinson

Nancy Horn said...

I like B best
It looks more inviting and that you dont have to be a SU demo to visit it
I'm a digital scrapbooker - its easier to manipulate my photos that way . . .
I love my big shot!
the graveyard treat holder with black licorice sticking out

visit me at

corinnesomerville said...

1)I like Blog #1 best :)

2) I like the tutorials and guest artists :)

3)I'm more of a traditional scrapbooker but I like to do small albums rather than big 12 x 12 pages..BUT...I'm VERY excited about SU's digital program and will DEFINITELY be moving in the digital direction :)

4) YES....I LOVE IT !!!!

5)Is it the pirate and princess set?

Thanks for the chance to win :)

Big Hugs
Corinne (aka Roxy)

Diane said...

1. A.
2. I like the "How To's and Spotlight and samples
3. When I scrapbook I use the traditional approach
4. YES
5. Graveyard Gala Treat Hold...

Brenda said...

1) I like A the best
2) Everything... the tuturials, information personal and stamping.. SU,LNS etc. Love the display of cards and to get started, cost... your blog is bright and easy to read and follow
3)traditional for now only because I still have dial up otherwise for sure it would be digital...much faster, more accurate, can edit easily, make multiple photos and book much quicker(time seems to be a big thing today for most people)
4)yes and I LOVE my BIG SHOT, used often with so many possibilities
5)I think the graveyard gala treat box is the newest
Thanks for sharing and all you do for so many.
Brenda Van Middelkoop

Stampin' with Toni said...

1) I like A & B the best.
2) I love the tutorials, the simplicity of using the sites and seeing other peoples work. I would probably say A more though because of the tutorials.
3) Neither really. More cards and 3-D, but I have done traditional scrapbooking. I have Never used digital.
4) Yes I do and I love my Big Shot. Especially with the BAB dies.
5) I think it is the Graveyard Gala treat holder. I love this set and the one that goes with it. I have a lot of samples on my blog using these stamp sets.

Toni Beachum (Bambula)

Sarah said...

Question 1)
Which of my blogs do you like the best?
I like A because of the tutorials.
I like B for the Aug 23 talented stampers...the butterfly shutter card.
I like C for your charity work.

Question 2)
What do you like best about that particular blog? Blog A) easy to understand tutorials.

Question 3)
What do you do more of traditional Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking? I am a traditional scrapper but have recently wanted to do more digi and hybrid work.

Question 4)
Do you own a Big Shot? I own a BS and love it.

Question 5)
Tell me which sample is the newest one on my website. The Princess and Pirate kits samples.
Sarah Miller

Sally said...

For Question #1 I like A the most. #2 The Watercolring effect is really kool, and doesn't seem very difficult to do. #3 I do more of tradtional Scrapbooking but have dabled in digital and find that digital goes very quickly. #4 I have not been able to buy my Big Shot yet but hope to buy one soon. I have use my uplines and think it's awsome. #5 I think the Graveyard Gala holder is the newest, under ideas.
Everything with that stamp set is super kool, can't wait to get mine.
Please feel free to visit my blog at:

ltedder said...

1) I like B best
2) I like the blog header, it looks really 'friendly'.
3) Traditional, but I just ordered the digital and hope I can catch on pretty quick.
4)I have one, but don't have the bag, that is on my wish list for the future.
5) The Boo Bag?
Have a great Day!
Lisa Tedder

rush8888 said...

1 i like c best
2 because it seems to be geared toware customers AND demos. choosing one is like choosing chocolate, chocolate and chocolate made by the same company.
3 a traditional stamper...i like the feel of the wood in my hand
4 no, i don't own a big shot...i own something like it, but have yet to figure out how it works...ebay-no directions!
5 i think the latest project is "graveyard gala", which is so in turn to the upcoming halloween celebration.

i think i have to subscribe to all of your blogs so i don't miss out.

Judi Sparks said...

1. I love them all, but I was most touched by C
2. I am a sucker for sick kids (being a pediatric nurse)
3. I have never done digital scrapbooking so I would have to say I am a traditionalist.
4. No, I already had a BIGkick (but want a Big Shot)
5. The Grave Yard Gala

See my blog at

Michelle said...

Hi Sherrill,
1) I like B the best
2) I'm visual and like the looks of this one so much more than the others
3)I do both and love them equally
4)yup and love it to death!
5)I'm going with Graveyard Gala
thanks for the chance to win!

Sharri C said...

1) I like A the best
2) I like the lay out of it
3) I don't do much scrapbooking but whenI do it's always traditional
4) I have the Stampin'Up Bigshot, I traded up from my Cuttlebug
5) Princess and Pirate kits

Thasnks for all you do with the LNS groups. SharriC

Ann said...

Hello Sherill!!

1. I like blog B the best.
2. I like the color scheme and the three column look, which breaks things up and doesn't seem too cluttered.
3. Traditional.
4. Yes I have a "Stampin' Up!" Big Shot and not sure what I did before it came around!!
5. I would have to say the Graveyard Gala treat holder or the Boo treat holder bag!

Ann Fitton
My Blog:

Dee said...

2)tutorials, samples and easy to read!
3)Traditional but looking forward to trying SU Digital
4)Love my Big Shot!
5)Grave Yard Gala project
Thanks for all you do and for the great inspirations!
Dee Yeaney

Carey said...

1. I love the welcome and colors of the mast from B the best.
2. I enjoy looking at cards that I can CASE from people I admire and like their work.
3. Traditional but can't wait to try my new Digital Studio from SU
4. No, a wannabe (Wizard)
5. The Graveyard Gala Treat

I hope I win
Carey Rogers
pedstamper at sbcglobal dot net

Amanda Harbison said...

1) I like B the best.
2) It is so colorful and eyecatching. Much easier to navigate around also.
3) Traditional scrapper for sure
4) I love my big kick (the predecessor to the big shot)
5) Graveyard Gala Treat Holder

Amanda Harbison

Twila said...

1. I like B. best
2. I'm partial to 3-column blogs and I especially like the header, though all your blogs have merit and each serves a specific purpose.
3/ I prefer traditional scrapbooking, but after hearing all the wonderful comments about MDS, I had to try it. In fact, I ordered it by 1:30 a.m.
4. I do have the Big Shot. It's my favorite tool. I'm partial to the Top Note Die and the Matchbox Bigz XL Die.
5. I would guess the graveyard treat bag is the newest project shown, and not because it is the first picture. I've seen samples of the princess and pirate sets, and they seem to be 'old news' by now.
Love all the sharing and teaching you do, Sherrill. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
Twila Mustain

Alicia said...

1. A
2. Love the artist features and tutorials.
3. Traditional but am thinking I'll be going hybrid here soon. :)
4. LOVE my Big Shot!! :)
5. Graveyard Gala Treat Holder

Thank you for all you do.

Tammy Q Howell said...

1. I like the 2nd blog best -

2. All the great ideas.

3 Traditional. Haven't tried digital yet.

4. Own it and I love it!

5. Graveyard treat holder

Susan Timmerman said...

1) I think I like Late Night Stampin with Sherrill best (you have it as B)
2) what I like best...I think the colors...the pinks and just pleases by eye!
3) I've never tried the digital scrapbooking so I don't know much about it. I do know that I LOVE all the papers and embellishments and if those aren't used in digital scrapbooking then I don't even want to try it!
4) OH YES...I couldn't survive without my Big Shot!
5) I think the Graveyard Gala treat holder...that is SO cute! I think I'll copy that but make it Christmas and put candy canes in it!
My blog is

Susan Timmerman

JustCrazy4Scrapen said...

Question 1)
Which of my blogs do you like the best?


Question 2)
What do you like best about that particular blog? It just looks cleaner to me.

Question 3)
What do you do more of traditional Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking? Traditional

Question 4)
Do you own a Big Shot? Yes

Question 5)
Tell me which sample is the newest one on my website: Graveyard Gala Treat Hold

Sharmony said...

Question 1)
Which of my blogs do you like the best?

Question 2)
What do you like best about that particular blog?
Layout is easy to scroll through. You can quickly identify links.
Bright and clean look.

Question 3)
What do you do more of traditional Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking?
A: Traditional Scrapbooking but not tons – that should change when I get My Digital Studio.

Question 4)
Do you own a Big Shot?
A: Yes – doesn’t everyone or at least they should.

Question 5)
Tell me which sample is the newest one on my website
A: Graveyard Gala Treat Holder

Sherry said...

Question 1)
Which of my blogs do you like the best?

Question 2)
What do you like best about that particular blog?
The projects

Question 3)
What do you do more of traditional Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking?

Question 4)
Do you own a Big Shot?
Of course, can't live without it

Question 5)
Tell me which sample is the newest one on my website
Graveyard Gala Treat Holder

This was fun! Thanks forhaving such great blogs for us to get ideas from.


Kristen said...

1) B. is my Fav.
2) i am a pink lover but the layout is simple and easy to navigate

3)i like traditional because of being able to see different textures and such. although every thing is digital now, i think i'm scared to take the plug but will this fall!!
4)Not yet i will be ordering it VERY soon!!!! stocking up on die cuts for now lol.
5)Princess and pirate party set!!!

here is my blog:

janell1120 said...

1) I like B the best
2) That I am mentioned as getting a free MDS, no really I like that it is easy to navigate and freindly, and the colors
3) Traditional, until Tues. when I get me MDS in, I have used others in the past and from what I saw at convention this will be so user friendly. I can't wait.
4) Yes, I love all the possibilities you have with it.
5) Grave Yard Gala Treat Holder

Debby said...

1. I love them all but I would say B is my favorite.
2. Tutorials, I love to see how the projects are made.
3. Traditional I have not tried the digital yet, I guess I like having the real thing in my hand and more of a hands on person.
4. No, I would love to but just can't afford one right now.
5. Hmmm, good question. I would guess like everyone else I guess Princess and Pirate Party Kits.
Angel hugs
Debby McGillivray