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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family Memories - Worth blogging about by Sherrill Graff

Bush is my maiden name. Our parents are Linda K Stubbs and Stanley E Bush.
My siblings are Rain Marie, Anthony Edward (Tony), Michele Kay, Sherrill Kay (me), Michael Scott, Jonathan David (David) and Emily Elizabeth.

Dave, Emily and Mike  YES, the boys are twins. That makes 2 sets for our family. Notice they are all holding hands? What makes me smile about this photo is not just that they are so cute but that Dave made a cool toy and is wearing it on his head. He is very creative even to this day!

I'm holding Emily, My older sister Rain is next to me. Below us are Dave in the orange, Mike in the blue and my twin sister Michele.

Look who is in the fireplace. The photo below was taken first then this photo was taken.
Since they have their P.J.'s on I bet they needed another bath before going to bed.
Hum.... I wonder what gave them the idea to  get inside the fireplace? Were they looking for Santa?

This is a funny photo of Mike and Dave. At first glance it looks as if Dave put the bowl on Mike's head. Notice Daves bowl is still on his tray. My guess is Mike put his own bowl on his head and Dave was going to take it off for him. What do you think?

I can't be certain but it looks like they had macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it.
I know these family photos don't have anything to do with stamping but they are note worthy, don't you think?


Tiffany said...

mom, I loved the pictures! I've never seen them before and would love to see more :)

Dawn said...

So sweet! It's great that you have those pictures.

Joyce Spear said...

Thank you, Sherrill, for a glimpse into your life! I can only imagine what kind of stories you have to tell about growing up in a larger family -- and with a twin! I would definitely enjoy seeing more, if you're willing to share... maybe on pages made with My Digital Studio! :)

Joyce Spear