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Sunday, May 30, 2010

a little service goes a long way - card making events all over the world

Charity is the pure love of Christ.

I have a lot of loves in my life

God the Father, his son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, My husband, our children, other family members and friends. I love paper crafts. I have always loved to draw and paint, I love to write, and I really enjoy blogging.

I started stamping back in 1991 when our 5 year old made a project in her school class party. She had so much fun she asked us for rubber stamps for Christmas. I asked for a catalog from a friend of mine who had just started selling stamps in her home with her sister. The sisters names are Shelli Gardner and LaVonne Crosby. They were the room mother for our daughters class.

I joined the company because I love the products, wanted the discount and thought I would like to try and earn some income to help our family. I have always been blessed to be a stay at home mom while my husband worked each day to support us. I did have a few part time jobs over the years when we needed the extra income like cutting hair or working at the museum but paper crafts, inks stamps and cardstock to make scrapbook pages and greeting cards have always been my passion.

It's been almost 20 years, our 4 children are 15, 18, 21, and 24 the oldest is married and they have a new baby. Life is wonderful. It's so rewarding to raise a good family who serves the Lord and tries to give back to the world some of the blessings we have been given.

My husband has taught them to work hard, we have taught them to use their talents to serve others and we have been richly blessed. We have had many trials and challenges with poor health and loss of work but we have always felt the hand of God in our lives and in all we do.

The company I work with has always been a supporter of good causes. One of my favorite Charities is helping with the Ronald McDonald house by making cards for the kids.

How can you help?

We still are in need of blankets for the children who stay at the Ronald Mcdonald house.

We are still in need of thinking of you cards and thank you card handmade, blank inside, with envelopes.

Each stampin Up demonstrator who is signed up to help there Ronald McDonald house can assist you with what is needed. or you can e-mail me at and I will be happy to help you get started.

Here are some of the participants to our projects over the years.

September 27
- The Young Women and Young Men of the Tuttle Branch of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma South Stake made 60 cards for the Ronald McDonald house children. We also took the youth on a tour of the house to visit some of the children they made the cards for. Thanks Sugardoodle for the great idea!

September 27
- The following three pictures are from Bangkok, Thailand.

September 29 - The following three pictures are of the Woodruff Ward in Logan, Utah

October 12 - Yo Doelling writes, "We are from Williamsburg Ward in Williamsburg, Virginia. We got together for one YW Wednesday night activity (an hour is all we had) and made these cards to support service project efforts. We made 19 cards. We hope to support's efforts in the future!"

Thanks gals, you're wonderful!! ~ Melanie

October 19 - Lisa McGrath writes, "Every General Conference my dad always takes all the men and young men in our family who go to priesthood to dinner. So all the girls get together to make a craft. We always order in takeout and just have fun being together. So this time we decided it was time to give back and joined in your service project. We made 160 cards and 14 blankets."

October 20 - Kalu Lor writes, "My name is Kalu and I'm the Primary President for the Sacramento 3rd Hmong Branch in Sacramento, California. Here are some pictures of our Primary children hard at work making blankets and cards. We decided to come together yesterday and do a service project. Overall we made 14 blankets and about 25 cards. Thanks you so much for this great idea. I hope to do it again next year."

October 21 - Mrs. Kraupp writes, "We are from the Washington Fields 2nd Ward Young Women in Southern Utah. We had a young woman organize and carry out making cards for the Ronald McDonald House as a value project. We made a total of 302 cards! It was a great evening for everyone there. We donated the cards to the Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to serve!"

October 23 - I'm from P.A. Washington Stake, and our Primary has been making cards at what we call "the gathering activity" -- the first ten minutes before Primary opening exercises. We always have some sort of activity planned each week to tie in with the monthly theme, and when I originally saw your post about the R.M. House project, I knew right away what we'd do from September through November! The children run from the chapel after sacrament to primary, and since this particular project began, they look forward to the new materials we place out every Sunday to create a new card. Even though the younger ones attempt 'in their own creative way' to produce a card for someone they will never meet, they are actively engaged in this effort, and I applaud all of them for their willingness to help other children. In the past we've had first aid kits for ward families, and foster care kits for displaced children on the Olympic Peninsula, assembled over 3-4 months time, and apply the finishing touches to the canvas bags at our annual Trunk or Treat Ward Activity. (At this ward event, families who have never been to the church witness service, and alongside other children attending that night, paint their handprints onto the bags which will hold the contents.) So thank you for suggesting this activity; we have also enlisted Activity Days Girls, Young Women's, and Relief Society. The Primary children decorated (with stickers) a large box which hold the cards, as well as 'infant' size fleece blankets some are working on. (Comments by Diane Carriveau)

October 25
- Natalie Roper writes, "Our Young Women of the Roy, Utah 9th ward have been focusing on serving others, and your fall service project gave us another great opportunity to do just that! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

October 27 - My daughter, who is a Senior in High School, needed a service project for her government class. I told her about your service project and her and her best friend were really excited about it. They made cards during the four conference sessions and did a really great job and had lots of fun too. (Natalie Eberhard & Cheyanna Bratt)

November 3 - Denise Maseuli writes, "Here are two photos of our primary (Junior and Senior) making blankets during sharing time for the Fall Service Project (The theme this month is service!) It was fun! I will be delivering 10 blankets to the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento, California."

November 5 - "My daughter decided to have a Service Party and make cards with some of her friends on a day off of school. She made invites and could hardly wait for the girls to come. They had a great time making cards to send you. It was a wonderful way to teach these girls that service is fun. They made 40 cards and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for putting together this way to serve others." (by Cricket Veenker)

November 18 - Wendy Beus writes, "The Pasco Activity Day girls added 32 cards to the "pot" and will be delivering them to the nearest Ronald McDonald House in Spokane, Washington. Thenaks for organizing such a fun service project!

November 19 - Brook McCune writes, "Thank you so much for the service opportunity you have given us. I got a group of women together from my ward (St. George, Ut) and we had a great time sewing and making cards. I hope that you can count what we made even though we did not donate to the Ronald McDonald house. We instead donated to the Jubilee house which is local to St. George but serves the same purpose as the Ronald McDonald house. We were able to donate 56 blankets and 364 note cards."

20 - The Philadelphia Spring Garden (spanish) Ward Primary writes, "The Activity Day girls and the Cub Scouts got together for a very fun day of blanket making. We brought it back to where it all started. The children thought it was neat that the first Ronald McDonald house opened here in Philly. He they are hard at work and excited to give these warm blankets to children who need them. Thanks for the fun idea and for the opportunity to join you in your project to serve!"

November 21
- Emily Grigg writes, "I wanted to let you know that we managed to make 5 blankets with our Beehive's and Mia Maid's classes. We decided to try to help the girls learn to sew, so we made flannel blankets. Now all I need to do is figure out how to get them to the Ronald McDonald house! Thanks for suggesting this service project, I think it's really great."

November 22 - The Peterborough Branch, NH YW got together and made these cards last month. We sent them to Ronald MacDonald House in Springfield, MA. We got a great thank you note and they even want to use one of our designs for their volunteer thank you notes! Thanks for the great service project idea. We plan to do this again soon. Eleni Garcia, Bizh Kelly, Savannah White, Jenn Horne and Pat Maynard

November 27
- Tiffany Kingston writes, "I just wanted to let you know that the Olive Knolls Ward, Bakersfield, California Stake, are donating 40 blankets and 150 cards to our local Ronald McDonald House. We will be taking them in the week after Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful service project. As a primary, every fall we do a service project along with our last quarterly activity. We do a Toy-Drive-In. Our kids look forward to it every year. The children make a car (cardboard, wagon, tote, laundry basket) whatever they can think of. They come to the church with their cars. We have a parade where we give out 3 awards for each group (jr,sr) then we split them into their groups. One group goes to the Drive-In movie, they use a toy or book that they brought to donate (if they choose+ then the watch the movie, eat popcorn, and have drinks, the other group is working on the service project. This time we had card kits that the kids assembled. Then they swi tch. We already had the blankets done (scouts, activity days, and families that volunteered) so we collected most of them that night too. This year we watched "Mr. Kruger's Christmas" each year the movie, and the service project is different, but the cars, the toys, and the feeling of helping and serving is the same. Thank you for being a part of it."

November 30
- The Sycamore Primary writes, "Our primary presidency loved your service project idea. We had planned a while back as a primary presidency to do a service project in November, so it worked out wonderful to be a part of this group effort. On November 14 the Sycamore Illinois Ward Primary did the fall service project. We taught the kids about service and the Ronald McDonald houses. We then had groups rotate making cards and tying quilts. Our primary sent 160 cards and 9 fleece blankets to the Ronald McDonald house in Oakbrook, IL (Chicago). The children loved it and felt the spirit of service. Thanks for the great idea."

November 28 - Shauna Woolf writes, "When I saw your idea about doing a service project for the Ronald Mc Donald House, I jumped on it! I am a newly called Primary President in Escondido, California and thought this would be a great service project to do with our very small Primary! We bought enough material for 20 blankets and donated them to the Ronald Mc Donald House in San Diego.

I wish you could have seen their faces when we walked in to give them the blankets. What a great experience for me and my girls! They explained to us that every time a new checks in to the house, they are given a welcome package with different items, one of them being a blanket. She says that you can tell the families especially love the ones that are handmade! They know how much time and effort and LOVE goes into each blanket.

I wanted to thank you again for giving the Escondido Hills Ward in Escondido, CA the opportunity to serve others in our community! (I obviously got more out of it than the children!) I am definitely going to continue this tradition each year! Maybe I can get the entire stake to participate!" = )

November 30 - Jodi Balls writes, "I am 1st Counselor in the Meridian 3rd Ward, Meridian Idaho. We were so excited to participate in the fall service project. We decided to teach the girls how to make fleece blankets. This was so much fun! The first part of November, was our YWIE. We used the blankets as one of the displays, and had our Mia Maid President give a little explanation about where the blankets go and who gets them. We decided to take the 8 blankets we made, to the Ronald McDonald House here close to us in Boise, Idaho. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful service project with us."


January 15 -

Every month we get together with Volunteers and make cards for the kids.

I live in Nevada but there are demonstrators all over the world who give their time and donate the supplies to make cards for the kids who are sick.

You can help by contacting a stampin up demonstrator near you. All it takes is a love for children and a little of your time.

These photos are from a build a bear cards for the kids event we did at UNLV this spring.

We can always use your help

sherrill graff

Saturday, May 29, 2010

stampin up workshops in Las Vegas Nevada by sherrill graff

Will you hostess a workshop for me in June Las Vegas area customers only please
Please e-mail me to reserve your time slot.

I have reserved a free room at a car dealership that will hold about 25 people at a time. I have one event set up for 10-12, one for 12-2 and one for 2--4 and 4-6. I have done this before and it works great!!! the hostess reserves a time slot, invites their 20 guests, and I prepare a catalog preview, one quick project, and she provides cookies and m&m's and lemon water or lemonade.
That's it!
It takes about 1 1/2 hours per group but the project is set up assembly line style with a pod of chairs near the refreshments for customers to look through the mini catalog so, if there is a few guests who over lap it won't matter.
Each hostess and I total up the orders to help it go faster. I close each workshop once each hostess checks back with the guests who didn't make it.

At the beginning of each month we prepare each of our cards or projects for 60 participants for workshops.
We usually make up 3 different kits. I have 2 helpers who I pay in stampin up supplies.
These are the projects I will have for this car dealership event.
The idea came from last years late night stamper event before convention.

I have another date set up at a IHOP on the SE side of town that we will do the same sort of hostess event stacking.
IHOP is usually a thursday evening event so I can only fit in 2 groups one from 5:30-7 and the other from 7-8:30
I have not planned the projects for that event yet but I will be using awash with flowers. Christena B. sent me a cute sample in the mail today that I just may have to copy! We have been using IHOP for 2 years now, they are happy to have customers at night some us go early to eat, others just buy a soda.

We hold our demonstrator downline shoe box swaps there each month as well.
It's nice not to have to clean a house or find a big enough home to hold all of us crazy stampers!

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
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