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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Divine inspiration - interactive scrapbook pages by sherrill graff

Would you like to have a step by step tutorial on how to create these interactive scrapbook pages?

If so, read on


The Andre Aggasi prep school here in Las Vegas
prepares all kids for success and for college.
each student is treated like they WILL graduate and go on to get a higher education.

I have been asked to provide a "cards for the kids" program for their elementary school

I have volunteered for 3 weeks of card making classes. I have 4 big shots and should be able to get some local stampin up demos to help me teach the kids.

I'm asking for donations of cardstock and DSP for this great cause
14 packs of brown
3 pack of black
and 9 packs of DSP for the bears clothes
in exchange for your donation, you will receive a step by step tutorial on how to create interactive scrapbook pages.

Send your cardstock donation to:

Sherrill Graff
cards for the kids
605 Kendrick
Boulder City NV 89005

Then send me a e-mail telling me your donation for the kids is on it's way
I will e-mail you the tutorial
(You have my permission to add your contact information to the instructions and to
print out the tutorial to share with your customers)

Thanks for caring about kids


One day I was in my craft room. I was listening to a talk on tape. I don't remember what the talk was about but I do remember the feeling that washed over me. The feeling gave me the desire to pray. My prayers was simple. I asked to be inspired to create something that would knock my customers socks off. I went back to my craft room and continued to listen to uplifting music while I worked.

May of you may remember me telling you about this inspiration.

This was one of the ideas we came up with. I say we because I did not come up with this all on my own. I believe I was blessed with Divine inspiration.

The 6X6 is in a page protector and has hinges made with the round tab punch. Then the hinges are attached to the outside of the 12X12 sheet protector creating an interactive scrapbook page!
That idea led to this one below.
As you can see from the photographs, the 6X6 opens.
The 8 1/2 X 11 opens up as well!
This allows mw to get 8 or more good size photos on one layout!

That idea led to this idea below.
This is five 6X6 sheet protectors attached to the front of this 12X12.
You can get 11 photos on this page. Then later on my husband suggested that I trim 1/4 inch off the sheet protectors so that I could get 2 rows of pages protectors all on this single 12X12!!!!!

I am so thankful for inspiration. I did end up knocking their socks off. I also sold 15 of these page kits in the first hour of my scrapbook crop.

I went on to teach this class over and over again over the next 2 years. It was so great to see how excited everyone was about this technique. I was also pleased to give the glory to God for the inspiration. He will bless us with ideas and answers to our prayers when we seek his council and follow his Spirit.

See how each page lifts up? How cool is that!

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