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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boot Camp for Stampin Up business builders - We all NEED THIS

If you have not done assignments 1-15 lately, DO THEM Again NOW

Have you ever had a small drip in your kitchen sink or in your shower and placed a bucket to catch the water?
It does not take long before you have to empty the bucket.

Let's relate this to working our business.

When turn on your facet for short periods of time to fill up a glass or pitcher of water it's similar to the small spurts of activity many of us experience in our business.

It's easy to see how having a slow and steady drip will use more water than filling one or two glasses a day.

Remember the turtle, slow and steady wins the race?
If you go in the right direction and keep on moving you will eventually reach your goal.
It's more beneficial in the long run to be slow and consistent then to have a few small intense moments of effort.

Another way to think about it is to think about what will keep a pot of water warm longer.... putting the heat on low for a long period of time or, heating the water to boiling then turning it off.

It takes a lot of energy to Boil water, just like ti takes more energy to pull off a quota on the last week of the quarter then if we were to do little tasks each day that would result in eventual sales.
What do you think would happen if we tried to hold one more event each week then we are holding now?
Most of us would not think that task would be too hard.

Don't fall into the Hobby Demo procrastination trap- I have seen it over and over again. The hobby demo has fun making cards all month and shares a few with her friends. She typically only brings stampin up into the conversation when the other person says something about it first. She never asks others to host a workshop for her and would never dream of asking a customer to join her team!

For Hobby Demos who wish to Make their Hobby their business
Instead of having ONE HUGE undertaking on the last week of each quarter to try and stay active, try doing one small thing each day to help grow your business.

On the first day of the month send out 5 mini catalogs
On the second day, make 2 phone calls
On the 3rd day plan a few 1 hour "come stamp with me" activities
On the 4th day create a event calendar
On the 5th day pass that calendar our to a few friends
On the 6th day have friends over to stamp and give them your event calendar
On the 7th day, go out of your way to keep in touch with an old friend.
On the 8th day send out 5 more mini catalogs
On the 9th day ask a few people if they need any supplies because you are putting in a order
On the 20 day e-mail a few of your online friends the flyer for the $99 mini kit
Keep doing something small every day to grow your business!

It's easier to do a little each day for 10 days than it is to do all 10 of these things on one day!
By leaving all your tasks to do on one day, you are setting yourself up to fail.

What happens if you have a friend coming over for dinner on saturday but you never do dishes Monday-Thursday.
Friday you most likely call up your friend and postpone your dinner. Right?
Or The task looks so difficult, that you take your friend out to eat instead.

How many of you can relate to this.
This is procrastination at it's finest, don't do it!

YOU want to Build Your Business! You want success, You want to walk across the stage at convention, you want to earn the Disney Trip.... Plan one little thing to do each day that will get you where you want to go!
If what you plan is not going to cut it, plan 2 little things a day to help you reach your goal.

RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to plan for your Oct-March Selling Season!
Plan Now to reach your goals, figure out now what you will need each month in sales.
Figure out now what you have to do each day of every week to make your dream a reality!

When there is a will there is a way, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Tell your team members about Boot Camp for business builders
it's only 8 cents a day and so worth it!

(Team members of Sherrill Graff never pay for training, boot camp is free for all downline members)

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