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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sharing what I love and earning extra income as well

Kristin Mulhall and Shelli Gardner the Co-Founder of Stampin Up

Shelli and I before my demonstration at the Henderson Regional

YES, We are hiring new Demonstrators

I was at the bank a few weeks ago waiting in line, I had a catalog with me and was looking for a new idea for my next event when another friend in line looked back at me and asked if I was still looking for someone willing to sell stamps. I said I was still looking for one more person. Before I left the bank someone else in line came up to me and said she had been looking for a job and she handed me a paper with her name, address and phone number on it. I called her up a few days ago and asked her a few important questions like did she have a SS#, have access to a computer, access to transportation, and if she was still willing to earn money by selling stamps. She said she was, so we met at a starbucks (because they have free internet) and we filled out her paperwork online. I'm willing to sign up anyone who has a desire to earn a little income or wants the discount on their own products. As you may be able to tell, I live in a very small town. Most people are friendly here and spend quite a deal of time talking while waiting in lines.

Carry your catalog with you when you are out running errands. Keep your business cards with you at all times.

Let others know that you are looking for new team members. Be willing to talk to new people and see if what you have will fill their needs. Stampin Up is a relationship built organization, people are more important than the stamps we sell. When we think of Stampin Up is a way to help people fill the needs they have in their lives we don't feel pushy at all about suggesting they talk to us about making it part of their life.

Also when you are traveling to and from an event, wear your stampin up apron. Put a few sample cards in your pockets. When you stop to get gas go into the store to pay for it. How many times have you seen someone in their uniform and asked them where they work? When you are interested in what people do, they will be interested in what you do as well. Stampin Up is and can be a great income for families looking for work. Be willing to offer your services to help others earn money while doing something they LOVE.

As long as you continue to feed the needs of your team members they will stay with us. Sure once in a while someone will have all the supplies they will possibly need for a life time but most of the time we enjoy stamping so much we can never give it up. I don't know what I would do without my stamping friends, my team members, and the income our family receives each month from me doing what I love.

Please share your helpful thoughts and good experiences here for others to read. Something you say make spark their memory and have a positive impact on their life.

Thanks in advance for sharing. I love you for doing it as it helps me to read your stories as well.

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