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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

artist spotlight - fellow stampin up demonstrator

Find one demonstrator to join our L.N.S. Loving Network of Stampers to this group

Find one demonstrator to join our L.N.S.  Loving Network of Stampers
to this group

and ask them to say that you sent them when they introduce themselves.
Both YOUR name and the new members name will go into the drawing. 

for example: if you personally invite 20 people you name will be in the drawing 21 times
The Prize is a FREE FULL LNS bundle of events for 2013*  ($110. value) 
*This prize does not include the price of meals sorry 
I'll draw 5 winners in 5 days so HURRY

are you ready for convention 2012 ?

Convention 2012 here we come!

Hello Sherrill,

Good afternoon,

We have the Official LateNight Stampers 2013 Web Link 
Page create, & it’s live & active & awaiting reservations for 2013:

Hope you like it, Thank you!! J

Byron James McIntosh| Corporate Sales Manager

This group is open to everyone who likes stampin up products
it's open to all demonstrators and open to customers my customers who may be looking to become demonstrators.

:) I am honored to call you friend

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stampin Up blogs I follow - fellow Late Night Stampers

If you can't see the links or the photos please e-mail me


Monday, May 21, 2012

never pay full price again - join stampin up today

Sherrill's Online Support assignment #5 
If you like this assignment, join our group

Don't miss out on any of our business building tips

send an invitation to everyone in your e-mail contact list 

show a great photo of art like this one
it gets them to look at what you do

then share a photo of some of your friends stamping and having fun

talk about what you like best about being a demonstrator 

a $99 starter kit gets you 
$99 in Stamps, papers, inks that YOU get to pick out yourself Plus a business bundle (catalogs, forms etc)

it also give you a discount on everything you buy from then on. YOU will never pay full price again!

Demonstrators don't have to sell to others but they can if they want to earn extra income.

Demonstrators get
20% off every purchase
20% in free hostess goods everytime you have a $150 order 
10% in great reward points  ( like frequent flyer miles) to spend on free merchandise later.
50% in cash and merchandise each time you and your friends order $150 or more at one time!

It gets better 
as a demonstrator you get access to a sample showcase that has over 28,000 samples of artwork you can create. 
you also get 24-7 access to a question answer site called stampin connection

will YOU join my team?  READ MORE   click on this link and see where it takes you
EVERY invitation needs a request for action. CLICK HERE and read more make it easy for them to see your website.
notice the READ MORE link brings them to the join up page
while the other takes them to the website. 

Make sure you use BCC so others don't see everyone's e-mail address.

this works 
try it!

Then post your invitation to your blog

If you like this assignment, join our group

Don't miss out on any of our business building tips

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will the real Late Night Stampers please stand up

Door Prizes at our LNS events at convention in July

I'll be doing door prizes different this year
In the past I would bring 10 - 14 boxes of merchandise to convention with me and give it away.
may of you walked away with $10 - $100 in prizes

This year I'm giving away MOST of our prizes online BEFORE we even arrive in SLC
we will be using these business card door prize slips to give away prizes
each participant only gets one at each event.
(I use them at all of my events they are affordable and easy to store in the box they came in once they are filled out) 

You will be given one ticket to fill out at each event you attend
So if you signed up for all 10 events you will end up with 10 chances to win a prize at convention
Many of you will have already won prizes online before even showing up. 


Name  sherrill graff

Address 605 Kendrick 

City, State, Zip Boulder City NV 89005

Phone # 702-293-1386


Drawing winners during the year and sending prizes to your home allows me to fly to convention if I want to.
It keeps me from having to store prizes.
It will also allow you not to take it home on the plane.

From August of 2011 until now  we have given away about $6,000 in Late Night Stamper prizes
(I give away about $500 every month online or at our events) 
When I show up at convention with only $1000. in merchandise to give away Please don't be shocked ordisappointed. 

If you have already received a prize from August 2011 until now will you please e-mail the group and share what you won. 

I will post a complete list of the winners once I do my 2011 taxes so I know exactly how much we have given away. 

Well it's 4 am and I need to get up in 2 hours for my scrapbook crop and fundraiser event so I better go to bed.
I just have not been able to sleep with all these ideas on my mind.

This is why they call me a Late Night Stamper 

May God bless you
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386

Please ask your friends to join us for the fun
all of our instructors are volunteers none of us are paid for helping with this event.
I do my very best to see that every penny we bring in, goes to pay for any hotel expenses, stamping supplies, and food at our events and the rest is all given away to Late Night Stamper members in prizes and shipping costs. 

I do get sales credits but I don't keep one penny as payment for my time or effort
What started out as a simple team training event over 7 years ago has grown in to a week long celebration full of stamping swapping and FUN!

See you in July

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My stampin up free bundles of products came today and inside is the NEW catalog

My Free Bundles came today

My UPS man Treowe laughed out loud when he saw me sitting in my lawn chair near the sidewalk 
with my camera in my hand.  He's a good sport for letting me take his photo.
Thanks Treowe for your service with a smile. Hope your deliveries today are easy ones!

The center box is a new big shot 
I'll be giving it away at our Faith Scrapbook Crop this weekend May 12, 2012  hosted by Carol Shanks and her team of volunteers. 

I can't wait until June 1st so I can show you the product in the other boxes!

I bought them for our  I Spy catalog party. 
You will each pick a card and see how quickly you can find that item in the catalog.
The first 3 guests to find their item will win a prize!

If you live in Southern Nevada and would like to attend my events please view my 

Keith Campbell Fundraiser Crop  May 19, 2012
Arizona Street Recreation Center in Boulder City, Nevada

Sherrill Graff