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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boulder City NV Employee super hero appreciation lunch

Mark and I were blessed to sit next to Victor and Cora-lee Miller 
and their children during the event. 

It was a fun couple hours for everyone who came

Yummy sandwiches, great salads, and ice cream too

The theme was  you are my super "hero" 
They had marvel comics on the tables

Prizes for all the children 
and fun activities like a water slide, hamster wheels 
and an angry bird sling shot game 

Trisha Sullivan award for longest Golf Shot for a female

Beth and her girls


Bobbie from the City Pool

Among those who received an awards were
Roger Hall and Patty Sullivan

Peggy Levitt and Rodney Woodbury spoke to us as well.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Stampin Up Demonstrator friends sharing their artwork

Miriam Permut -

Lori Witt –
Trish Cortez –

Janice Heigway -
Carolyn Garland -

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It felt so good to have the time and the talent to share what I love

One December before Christmas I visited the Children's Hospital and stamped with a little boy who had been in fire. He was badly burned all over and he was bandaged from neck to his toes. One are had mobility. The hair on his head was gone and his eyebrows were singed. You could tell he was in pain form the look on his face when they pushed his wheelchair in the room.
I asked what the can of soda was for that they placed on the table. The nurse said we had to bribe him to get out of bed so we could change his sheets. It was so painful to move he didn't get out of bed even to pee.
So he's here sitting in front of me with his big brown eyes and a pout on his face. He looked as if he was going to cry.
I was stamping snowflakes, using the stipple brush to tap navy ink around the edges of the card. He watched for a while with curiosity as the ink transferred to the paper then he was willing to try it. He gently reached out for the stipple brush wincing with pain. He gently tapped the ink pad and lightly touched the paper. Before long he was slamming the ink pad and slamming the paper with that stipple brush. I sat back in amazement as he was smiling and having a good time! No pain was apparent now!!!
He was stamping away with joy until he noticed the nurse enter the room out of the corner of his eye and then...
the pain on his face returned as he put down the stipple brush and cradled his arm as he did before.
That little boy changed my life! He was the first of a long line of wonderful experiences. 
It felt so good to have the time and the talent to share what I love. It felt so good to know that for 15 min this boy was no longer in any pain. It helped me see that I am needed and that there children here who need what we have to offer!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

this is our Late Night Stamper treasure hunt for Fall of 2012

this is our Late Night Stamper treasure hunt for Fall of 2012 
I'll provide the prize  $150 in stampin up merchandise of the winners choice

Winning FREE stamps is like Christmas in a box any time of the year

I have a link list on my blog about half way down on the left side. 
Starting Monday  August 20th you can visit the links and collect 50 members clues.

They will all have this image above the clue.

My clue is SNAIL
"adhesive shaped like a snail and leaves a sticky trail"
E-mail me after you have collected 50 clues
(list the clues and where you got them in your e-mail)
and I'll enter you into my Fall treasure hunt give-a-way

Drawing to be held October 31st 2012
winner will be notified by e-mail 

Happy Hunting!

Here is the link list to make it easy for you to go hunting

Late Night Stamper WEB RING

2013 spring hunt