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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Late Night Stamper getting ready for convention - we have pins and t- shirts too at cafe press.

Late Night Stamper Has a new home

The purpose of friendship friday is:
To meet new friends
To Share ideas - photos of  things you have created
To invite new SU demonstrators to our Late Night Stamper group. 

please send this link to your Late Night Stamper Demo friends 
(PLEASE do NOT post it on stampin connection) 

 do you have your swap aprons ready? 
We are meeting at 6:30 in the front of the line for opening session for photos. PLEASE wear your Late Night Stamper T-Shirt.

IF YOU wish to sit with the group near the right front please don't be late. We don't hold seats because we don't wish to make other stampers mad. Won't it be fun to see all of us get on that stampin up video again this year!!!!

Here are just some of the products our logo is on. The best part is they cost $2 to $25 and the mark up is only $1 which we use to buy t-shirts to give away at our events for new members who couldn't buy one in time.

we have pins and t- shirts too at cafe press. 

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386
My Website:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stampin Up Charity events to help our Ronald McDoanld House by Sherrill Graff

If you can't see the photos PLEASE e-mail 
me at and i'll send you 
the original copy of this post.

RMHCharity events - "It feels good to do good"

A friend needed help:
She wrote - This house has never had a SU! demo in it, in fact, they had never heard of the program.  I have been in touch with them and they are super excited, but I am clueless.  So before I meet with them, I wanted to reach out to y'all and find out EVERYTHING.  If you don't mind helping me, please share with me any and all info to help me do this, respectfully, dutifully, and with complete confidence that I can make this work.

#1 reason to help out
it's the right thing to do.

don't even think about making ay sales or promoting your products and you will do GREAT.

When I went in for the first time they had me stamping with the children in the hospital. The kids LOVED it and the parents loved that their kids were having fun and not thinking about their situation.

The second time I went into the hose and stamped with 7 families who all helped me make cards for the Ronald McDoanld house to keep and use as they see fit. 
We made over 200 cards that day and the kids had a blast!!!

After that I started holding once a month card making events at 
mcdonalds, the library, UNLV unversity nevada las vegas

I tought classes for Girl scout troops

and church groups

I started teaching at 3 recreation center in town

so the kids could make cards for the sick kids in the hospitals

I usually have them each make 2 cards, one to keep and one to donate. This little boy donated both of his cards. When I asked his why he said  "It feels good to do good"

Then we started teacing card classes at the senior centers

And I taught classes at all the scrapbook crops in town. 

Then I started doing charity scrapbook crops
and eventually  I was meeting about 30 new people every month.
I shared all my step by step business building tips on Boot Camp
but now since boot camp is gone I'll keep sharing these tips on Sherrill's Online Support.

People were trying out our big shot and wanted workshops and wanted to order products and my sales grew until I sold 30K and earned a spot in the Founders Circle.  

I recruited a couple new people every month and about half of them promoted.

So what started out as a nice thing to do turned out to bless me more than I ever blessed them.
Just like the young man said "It feels good to do good"

We make cards for the Ronald McDonald house every year at our Late Night Stamper events at convention!

24 days until convention

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386
My Website:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Congratulations to all the Mojo Monday winners

Need a little Mojo?

I love looking at these designers paper crafts
Mojo Monday provides me with a lot of fun card layouts.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Mojo Monday - The Blog 

Thanks to all who played along with our contest sketch.  Since I am filling in for Julee I used to pick this months winners.  Congrats to all the winners, I enjoyed so much checking out your entries!

1. Mary Fish

2. Stephanie Kraft

3. Teresa Kline

4. Debbie Carriere

5. Sarah Bigelow

6. jadwiga

7. joans daily stampede

8. Meihsia Liu

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10. Bree Renwick

11. Janas Creations

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25. Rebecca Hoy

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30. Lena

31. Cards by Marina

32. Jess Doyle

33. Yolanda D

34. karin

35. Berni C

36. Lisa Somerville

37. mary marsh

38. Karen Ngan

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40. Georgiana

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