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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to our family and friends

My computer dies the 8th of October
and thanks to a wonderful family
it's working again!!!

Thank you to my sons and husband for making that possible!

Happy Thanksgiving to our family and friends
enjoy this wonderful video

May God bless you all year long
and may we remember to thank him for all we have and are.

love, sherrill and family

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scott on SOS Radio asked for information on employment opportunities

Offer: New Team Members can join Stampin' Up! for just $25!

Dates: October 7-21, 2013

The Fine Print:
  • This offer is only good for two weeks, so take advantage of it right away!
  • During this offer, only the special $25 starter kit will be available; the regular $99  starter kit will not be available. The $25 Starter Kit includes
    • $26.95 worth of Stampin' Up! product (it must be more than $25, but not more than $26.95 before tax)
    • Business pack which includes
      • A box of annual catalogs
      • A package of the current seasonal catalog
      • Getting Started DVD
      • Starter Kit Business Brick
      • Customer postcards
If you would like to Join Stampin Up as a demonstrator
Please ask for more information

Stampin' Up!
12907 S. 3600 W.
Riverton Utah 84065
Phone: 1-800-STAMP-UP

This is a great way to see if you will enjoy being a Stampin Up demonstrator

for me it's a blessing to never pay retail prices for my stampin up products

I talked to Scott on SOS Radio this morning and told him 
how I have been doing this for the past 20 years while raising our 4 children.

When my husband lost his job I increased my working hours
to full time and helped pay our 1,060. house payment, 1,377. health insurance bill, 
and our power bill as well. 

I love that I can work as much or as little as I want to.

Our pay is based on Commission.

If you live in the United States
We would love to have you join one of our team members in your state.
e-mail me  Sherrill Graff 

as you can tell by the greeting cards I created above 
I love butterflies and flowers

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thankful for the freedom we have to Believe in Jesus Christ and worship him

Today is Fast Sunday
We (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) go without food for 2 meals 
and we donate the cost of those meals to feed the poor and needy.

Not only are we doing something good for others,
fasting allows us to give more time to Spiritual things.
When we fast we don't have to prepare meals which gives us more time on Sunday morning 
to pray and to read our scriptures, and to read the words of His prophets and apostles.

General Conference is coming up next week. I pray for all who will speak to us. 
I know Christs church is directed by Jesus Christ through his living prophet and 12 apostles.
May they be inspired to know the mind of God and his will for them as they prepare what they will say to all of us. 
What a blessing it is to know Christ's true church has been restored for us in these latter days. 

This month I am fasting for our son Ken to be able to pass his written proficiency test, 
which will allow him to earn the diploma so he can attend any college of his choice.
His "papers" are in for him to be called on a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
May God grant him his righteous desires as he is preparing to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know he will be a great missionary!

We are thankful for the family members and friends who continue to pray for him and his ability to pass this test.  

I'm also fasting for missionary experiences in our ward and for our family.  It has been said that helping to bring someone into Christ's true church is one of the greatest joys in life. How wonderful it would be to help a family to turn to God and receive his word and be baptised in His name. I know what joy belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ has brought into my life and the lives of our family members. It's wonderful to be anchored to Christ and to seek to do His will. 

It's a wonderful blessing to be surrounded by others who believe in Christ and who are willing to share that testimony with others. Fast Sundays allow members who are full of faith to share their testimony of Jesus Christ with others in the congregation. I always look forward to hearing the heart felt expressions of love towards our Savior and gratitude for his Atonement which allows all of us to be cleansed from our sins when we repent. 
I love knowing that Christ also felt our pains from things we will suffer in this life so he know how to succor us in our afflictions. I can feel his love and know he cares for each of us personally. 
What a wonderful loving act he did when he gave his life for each of us so we can one day live with him again. 

May God bless all the missionaries everywhere that they may find the people who are seeking for the truth. May we all go search for the lost sheep or the people God has been preparing to hear his word.

As we pray to find future friends who will find joy in serving God, who are willing to repent from their sins, make covenants to take upon them the Name of Jesus Christ being cleansed from their sins through His great Atonement, it helps us see the needs of the people around us. 
Praying for others helps us forget about ourselves and allows us to serve them out of love.

When we are in the service of others we are also in the service of our God.

I also fast for our children who are in college that they will use their time wisely to gain the education they desire that they may have added wisdom and gain good employment to support their future families. May they also seek to spend time with like minded, good people who will bring out the best in  one another. Surounding ourselves with friends is so important to our happiness now as well as our happiness in the future. 
May God bless them in their endeavors from the little things they do each day to all the big decisions they will make.  May they continue to choose wisely. 

I pray and fast for the continued health and safety of our family and loved ones.
May we all have the desire to be a little better each day. 
May we continue to study and pray so that we may be spiritually fed as well as physically nourished.
As we feast on God's word, may we to learn what God would have us do to serve our family and friends.

May he bless our Children, our grandchildren also with every good thing they stand in need of. 

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff

Friday, September 20, 2013

I am so glad that Artistic abilities run in our family

My Grandmother was an artist she could paint or draw anything
My Mother was always good at drawing people and she frequently drew us our own paper dolls to play with, but we were in charge of making the paper doll clothes.
My sisters can sketch print well too.

Coming from an artistic family,  I also have a great desire to create beautiful things.
Paper is my favorite medium.

Give me a little paper, ink and water and I can play for hours.

The background is a water color wash on an acrylic block
I used these three colors of stampin up ink
Daffodil Delight, Pumpkin Pie, and Cherry Cobbler

The embossing was an after thought
so I had to pull each flower off and replace the brad 
after I ran it through my big shot.

Today was a wonderful and productive day so far
I met the sister missionaries at the gym and we exercised for an hour
then, I came home and decided that they weather was so nice that I'd pull some crab grass out of our flower garden. Next I put some white work shirts and socks in the clothes washer to soak with bleach and then I swept up the popcorn that was all over the floor. Took a shower and now I get to stamp.
Not only is stamping something that brings me joy I try to listen to my Book of Mormon CD's as I do it.

To understand the scriptures better I like to listen to each CD a couple times before I go onto the next one. I have also been blessed to attend some Book of Mormon classes this week. One was Wednesday and this one today starts in a few minutes.

So I better go

I hope you feel inspired enough to go create something

May God bless your day, Sherrill Graff

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shabby Tea Room white challenge

Week #184 - 'The White Challenge'

this was the inspiration

my cardstock was folded like a W
then run through the big shot with a circle die

I added 2 circles over the center of the base

Then I cut butterflies with my big shot
and embossed them
and added them to the center
with glue dots

The first card I made like this was taught by Sandi McIver
at our late night stamper
pre-convention events a few years ago

I think it's simple
and a lot of fun to make!

I also entered this card in the
 Terrific Texture Challenge

Thanks for stopping by my blog

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mary Jo Price-Williams Lunch time challenge

Mary Jo Price-Williams Lunch time challenge
Her Card

My Card
The words are embossed in silver powder
it's not showing up real well in the photo

I gave this card away today
to the bank teller who
always treats me so well

So I decided to make another one
for this Lunch Time challenge

what do you think?

this is the hand painted paper
this card was made from

read more about how to hand paint paper HERE

Saturday, September 14, 2013

bubble background for your card making projects using stampin up ink refills by sherrill graff

I used dawn liquid dish soap to create the bubbles
Then I let most of the water out and kept the bubbles

drop ink onto the bubbles
then press dry cardstock on the bubbles 
and let some pop on the cardstock

this is what the cardstock looks like with just one color

after the cardstock was dry I used the same cardstock 
with another color

Do it again and again letting the cardstock dry in between
until you get the look you want.

was this helpful?
Please leave a comment

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Technostamper- Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge

Technostamper- Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge:

I love this time of year
School starts
the weather gets a bit cooler
and people start thinking about
the harvest
and blessings

I am so Grateful for blessings
Good Health
and time to think about how blessed we really are

Thanks for visiting my blog today

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May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a daily dose of stamping inspiration by sherrill graff

If you are not inspired, how can you inspire others?

stamp daily
Just for the FUN of it! 

I love playing with ink refills on wet cardstock
I love the dark colored inks because it only takes a few small drops to get a big effect

Here is what I did this morning...

Look closely and you can just make out the rectangle of versamark in the photo above

stamp your butterflies in eggplant ink
press the versamark pad directly onto the cardstock over the stamped images

wet the cardstock in your sink
drop crushed curry ink  around the edges and let it run to the middle
The versamark stops most of the ink from running into the middle
then drop a few drops of eggplant ink, eggplant is really dark so don't add too much or it will cover over your yellow and turn everything brown

in the photo below you can see the purple has a blue base
also the little white specks are table salt

after the cardstock dries I will brush off the salt before finishing my card.

read more here  Hand Painted Papers in your kitchen sink

stampin up only challenge blog 

Hnad painted paper color combinations 

step by step photos 

Join us for our Late Night Stamper pre-convention events 
at the Radisson in Salt Lake City July 13-19 2014

Friday, September 6, 2013

City of Boulder City Nevada employee appreciation Lucheon at Boulder Creek

I bought $5 worth of drawing tickets when I arrived

The decorations 
and centerpieces were really nice

They had great prizes for all the children 

They also had a fun candy bar

I really like this one 

Mike Pacini
is the MC for the event 

He's always happy and smiling whenever I see him

Roger Tobler is our Mayor
He laughed when we saw this wanted poster

Here is a list of the employees that have 
been with the city for a very long time

these are the gifts they were given for their service

Roger Hall was taking photos

I was blessed to win this 9 foot umbrella for my family

they had a ton of great prizes!

A special thanks to everyone who worked so 
hard to make this event a success!