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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boulder City Nevada is a great place to live

old town Boulder City
next to the antique shop is
Grandma Daisy's

They are all ready for Valentine's Day

Beautiful chocolate covered oreos

and other yummy candy for the one you love

My favorite is their chocolate dipped strawberries

Talking about Valentine's Day...

I have been painting nails

pink with hearts and red with flowers

Hair Kutters is in the same shopping center as Chilly Jillyz

Have you tried their ice cream bar yet?

Thanks for stoping by my blog
Have a wonderful week

(((hug))) the ones you love

Right now I work at 

Hair Kutters 1640 Nevada Hwy 
Boulder City Nevada 89005 702-293-6377

But starting April 1st I will be working at a brand new Salon
called Attractions Salon 

The Salon is owned by Corinne Devita
Her daughter Kelly will work there as well

Here are the New Pecicure Chairs

The new nail stations

our roll abouts

and our Salon Chairs

I love to color hair
but will also do 
Manicures, Pedicures and Acrylic Nails

I do short hair

long hair

curly hair (perms)

Curled Hair

Hair extensions

More hair extensions

even more hair extensions

I do purple frost on dark hair

peek a boo colors

clip in colors

where the har is dark on the top
medium in the middle
and light on the tips

I do halo frosts

which is adding darker color in hair

blonde on red hair

purple on dark hair

blonde on already blonde hair

blonde on dark hair

and adding color back into lightened hair

please call for an appointment
and please ask for Sherrill Graff

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