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Saturday, August 30, 2014

I shall go and do...

This is one of my journal entries
and I felt that I should publish it on my blog for my friends and family to read...
please leave a comment below if you feel inspired to do so.

This week I have been praying for a missionary experience since I'm talking in Church on Sunday and I knew God would provide a new experience to talk about.

Each day I prayed and looked for someone to talk to about the Gospel.

I was blessed to be able to talk to a Jewish customer about what she believes. It was because of my years in seminary that I was able to have a good and meaningful conversation with her.  I thank God for that.

So Friday night I got dressed up and went out with the sister missionaries.
We went to an investigators home and she looked as though no one was home because the car was not in the driveway. The sisters were going to drive away and I asked if I could please go knock on the door just in case. 

When I knocked I saw the TV on and had faith that someone was home. I knocked again and watched the women get off the couch and come to the door. I waved for the missionaries to join me.

She said she was napping. I am so thankful God work her up for us to talk to her.
She wasn't going to let us in but something we said touched her heart.

We found out that today had been a bad day for her that her husband and her had been arguing and that she was at her wits end. She had prayed to God for help.

The sisters taught her about the Restoration and how we can find answers when we pray.
She said she wanted to believe. 

we each bore a strong heartfelt testimony and she accepted a Book of Mormon. 
Her 5 year old son was there and was very excited about the subject of Jesus Christ I felt prompted to invite him to come to Primary.

before we were ready to leave the husband came home and seeing the three of us were there he dashed into the kitchen. 

Then his wife in a soft loving voice invited him to join us for a prayer and He accepted!
One of the sisters said a wonderful prayer asking God to bless their house, saying it should be a sanctuary from the world. 

That touched his heart and he sat and talked with us. He looked as if he was feeling the Sprit as well.
We found out it was his birthday and Sister Nicoles turned to me after saying we have a present for you Adam, for your birthday. 
I felt inspired to ask he and his wife to join my husband and I the next night which is today (Saturday) for dinner to celebrate his birthday. 

He gladly accepted!

Well the sisters said they would come in and talk Mark to go along with our plan and I said I could do it and that he was a good man so it should all work out.

I say that because he in the past when I have had a spiritual prompting has said: "well if the Spirit says to do it you just have to do what the Sprit says" 

Well I came in and interrupted his (Marks)  TV watching. You know how dad feels about talking while he's watching TV. I explained to him what happened and said that I asked them to join us for dinner.
He just said, we don't have the money to go out to dinner let alone take other out and pay for theirs as well.

I promised him that God would provide the money we need to do his work and he agreed to go out if God did provide.

So before I went to bed I said a LONG Fervent Prayer
then I shared my missionary experience on the missionary moms group asking for prayers for the family and a miracle for us.

Knowing I had hair appointments open and could fit extra people in to make the needed money if God would just fill those appointments up for me.

Well I got a lot of people saying they were praying and I know prayers work so I will happy about it and I just KNEW  God would provide a way for us to take this family out to dinner.

Then a sweet earthly Angel, let's call her "Sister thoughtful" messaged me and said she would like to help and before I knew it the e-mail below showed up in my inbox.

Not only was I crying at this point that God would provide a way but thankful that Sister thoughtful was so in tune with the spirit. How humble I felt that she would provide the Miracle I was praying for!

Her gift is more than enough to take all for of us out to dinner as well as get dessert, and you know how I love dessert!

I feel as though I have a lifelong friend. It's a wonderful feeling to see God hands in our lives providing us with Faith and Actions that will bless the lives of those we teach. I am thrilled to be a part of it and so thankful that Sister thoughtful and her family made this happen for us.

God is Good!

I can't wait to share part of this experience at church on Sunday where I have been asked to talk in Sacrament Meeting. (on missionary work)
I am so thankful that God has provided this great experience for us and that we can now fulfill that promise to Adam and his wife Kimberly that I made while directed by His spirit.

God answers prayers, he answered the missionary prayers, he answered the Reves family prayers and he answered my prayer by inspiring a generous fellow missionary mom Sister thoughtful, to bless our lives forever.

I will remember this always, and because this is my journal entry, you will remember it to.

I know that missionaries are called to HIS work and that through prayer and willingness we can bless the lives of others as we tech by example how to Come unto Christ.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

May God bless you and your family with all that they stand in need of

Sherrill Graff
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Lelly Jelly said...

Enjoy your eening Sherrill. You've worked hard to make this

GmaWash said...

Sherrill- Thank you for sharing your journal entry. I LOVE hearing about missionary experiences. Four of my six children (3 sons 1 daughter) and 4 of my in-law children went on missions. It is such a blessing in their homes.
I always thought I would go on a mission with my husband after retirement, but that was not to happen. He has Parkinson's Disease so is unable to go on a proselyting mission. Instead we serve in the Jordan River Temple one day a week and at the State Prison Family History Center another day a week. God is good and gives us what we NEED not necessarily what we think we need. These "mission" experiences have so blessed our lives.
I am glad you have had some missionary experiences to talk about Sunday. I know the Lord will be with you as you relate them and bear testimony of His goodness.