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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wake Boarding on Lake Mead - Graff family Lake trip scrapbook page

Our families all get together every year on Lake Mead.
This year 4 of our teenagers decided it would be awesome to all wakeboard at the same time. 
They are all between 15-17 years old and you know how young men are they think they are invincible!
The first photo shows them putting on their boards.
The second shows them all skiing. 

Once around the lake and they start to improvise
They had the tricks finished before any of the moms could tell them no.

When I look at the last photo close up I can see the slightly worried look on my sons face.
Jake is the one in the air, he clears the boys heads with a foot to spare!  

Now for all you parents out there I have to tell you the trick. 
Jakes rope is about 3 feet longer then all the other ropes so even though it appears he is jumping over the boys heads he is really behind them. We caught it all on video. These boys sure have a lot of energy and a passion for wake boarding.

All of our family members LOVE the lake. They all wakeboard, many waterski and we all enjoy our yearly lake trip.
If you are ever out here in the Las Vegas area for the weekend, give me a call to see if you can join us for a day at the lake. 
We live in Boulder City which is about 10 min away from the water. If you are really lucky Grandma Graff may even make you a batch of her homemade sugar cookies :) YUM!


Tiffany said...

I love these pictures! This trip was awesome.

Keep the scrapbook pages coming. I keep checking for more, and I love them all!

Mary Sarah said...

Great pics and scrapbook pages! The wake boarding is amazing, scares me, but it's amazing!

Jayne said...

Awesome page!! I love the way the last picture was photographed.

Tena said...

I love the page! The colors are great together and make a really nice page. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Wanda said...

Oh WOW, what an awesome page Sherrill - did you do this boarding too? Looks scary. TFS

Stampin' with Toni said...

I love this page you did with the MDS. I don't have it yet, but The theme fits with the pics.


Joyce Spear said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your creativity as you put together these scrapbook pages with My Digital Studio! Great work!

Joyce Spear

Darin and Shannon said...

hey sorry to intrude onto your page, but i just moved to vegas, when is the earliest you can go wakeboarding