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Monday, October 12, 2009

Prayers needed for Ellie - Ronald McDonald house card drive

Ellie with her daddy Chris, look at how small she is.

This beautiful little girl is Ellie. Her mom is Becky. Her dad is Chris. Her Grandma is Peggy.
Many of you who have been following Ellie's story know that she was born in Las Vegas almost a month ago with heart problems. She had surgery and is slowly being weened off the equipment that was required to sustain life. Today is a big day for Ellie. She will be taken off the respirator to see if she can breath on her own. Many prayers are needed for her today.

This is a photo of Becky holding Ellie. What a blessing this little child is. Thank you for your continued prayers for this family.

past update: Eliana did good J One pulmonary artery was fine and they put a stent in the other which should help.


The right pulmonary had no obstruction. The left pulmonary artery had a really really really small opening.


They put a balloon in to stretch the artery and a stent in to keep the artery open.

Many children who come into this life with medical problems need extra prayers. Their family members can use extra prayers as well. Many of the families we support with our cards for kids have newborns. Please help us as we strive to create cards that will encourage these parents. 

If you can help, please e-mail me personally.

Sherrill Graff

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Wanda said...

Is there an update on Ellie today? Please share Sherrill - thanks,