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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take time to Pray to Ponder and to bless the lives of others today

We delivered over 500 cards and 30 handcrafted blankets to the Las Vegas Ronald McDonald house this week. A special thank you to everyone who is helping make cards and blankets for the kids! You are wonderful. Many hands make light work. Thank you.

Teach others how to make greeting cards

Serve and bless the lives of others.

Many mornings I get up before anyone else. It gives me time to reflect upon the events that will unfold that day. It gives me time to count my blessings, to pray or to read.
A wise woman once said she prays to touch someone's life each and every day. 
Ever since I have tried to follow her example I have been blessed to see when I can help someone out. 

This is totally off the subject of stamping but I feel I need to share this story.
One morning I had left home with plenty of time to get where I was going. I was driving a bit slow with the radio off. I had the feeling I needed to go visit a friend. I felt that she needed me.
I drove to her house. Parked the car and went to her front door and knocked. There was no answer. As I was turning to leave a thought came into my head that said "open the door"
So I poked my head inside and called her name. As I listened for a response, I could hear the daughter crying and the mother frantically giving her directions but I was to far away to hear exactly what she was saying. Without giving it a second thought, I walked into her house announcing that I was coming in. I kept saying in a loud voice "Kris this is Sherrill, I'm coming down the hall, can I help?" When I got to where they were I saw the daughter with her foot in the sink the water was running over a large gash. The mom was panicking and not able to do much to stop the bleeding let alone calm her daughter. A calm spirit came over me and I was able to wrap the daughters foot tightly in a towel and get her and the daughter to their car. She drove her to the emergency room where the daughter had stitches and everything turned out all right.

My point is, Sometimes we are led to help those in need.  I was thankful that day that I had extra time. If I had been in a hurry and more concerned about getting somewhere on time, I may not have felt the promptings. If I had had the radio on I may not have felt the desire to go visit my friend. 

We all need time to think to ponder and even time to pray.
Our job as stampin up demonstrators usually give us an overabundance of driving time. My suggestion is, leave a bit early so you will have plenty of time to get there. That will allow you to be calm even in traffic. May I also suggest we turn uplifting music on and turn the volume down so that we can hear our thoughts and take the time to ponder or pray while we drive.

A few years ago I had a 15 min ride to work and a 15 min ride home. On the way I'd keep the radio off and just talk to God as if he were on the phone with me. People who passed just thought I had blue tooth so it was ok. Some people may think this is disrespectful to pray while driving. I found out that I had some prayers that lasted all 15 min. I prayed for more of my family members, more of my friends and I also found myself praying for the person who's car was on the side of the road.  I also found that I listened for guidance as I sat quietly. 

Doing this while driving to workshops gave me time to think about the needs of others and I was able to feel promptings and receive guidance for the event I was going to.
Many times I would pray for help with making an event successful. Some of you remember what I wrote about my first experience with teaching the sight impaired how to make cards.
I knew they wouldn't be able to see if the images were right side up or if they had enough ink on the stamp and as I pondered how to best serve them the idea of using the big shot die cuts came to me. One of the ladies told me the die cuts have a slight ridge on one side of the cardstock once it has gone through the big shot, so she knew which side was up. 

Today Alice (my newest downline member) and I were teaching the seniors and as we were leaving we noticed a large group of adults that used sign language were meeting at the same recreation center. I asked if we could do something for them. 
Later on today I was thinking about them and I know if I had a sample card showing each step needed to complete a card that they could do it! 
I am determined to go back and share our love of stamping with them.  Even if all it does is give them a smile knowing that they made such a cute card!

Where there is love, there is always a way.
May each of you take time to ponder and to pray.
May you be blessed with many opportunities to serve.
Alice and I only had 6 in class today but the 6 of them were happy for 30 minutes! I am sure each time they look at what they made a smile will return to their face. 

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 

1 comment:

craftyM said...

Thank you for sharing this. It was so comforting and inspirational in a different way than our normal stamping. I am totally with you. I have found in my darkest hours (and we've had many struggles the last few years), the more I look outside myself to find ways to help others, it truly comes back to help me one hundred fold. God bless you!