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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never give up on your dreams - Sherrill Graff Stampin Up demonstrator

Is there something you have always wanted to do and people around you said you will never make that work, you can't possibly succeed.

Each of us have had people we know tell us to stop trying and go on to something else or use our time in a more productive way.

For many years I have loved beauty pageants. My mom had enjoyed them and I grew up thinking I could win one. I took modeling lessons, watched my weight and practiced walking in heels.
I was a Senior in High School and was looking forward to participating in the Miss Boulder City Pageant. Later that year we heard that the pageant was to be canceled.

At the last minute some volunteers put together a pageant and it went on as planned.
Many beautiful girls were in the pageant with me but I was determined to do my best.

I was blessed to be named Miss Boulder City 1982.

Later in life I was told by a volunteer who ran the Miss Boulder City Pageant that I was too young and inexperienced to run a pageant of that magnitude. She was leaving town and was going to drop the pageant all together rather than turn it over to me.

With the help of a few dear friends we put the pageant back together and ran a very successfully for over 10 years.

In 1991 I started with a company called stampin up. Friends told me "it's just a fad, it will never go anywhere" and "you will never make any money at it"

Here is a quote from the Co Founder of this company Shelli Gardner

"Stampin’ Up! is where it is today as a direct result of not giving up. Twenty
years ago this spring, financial experts were advising Vonna and me to file
for bankruptcy. While people loved the stamps and were buying them, we
hadn’t set up the right pricing structure, and we were actually losing money—
a lot of money. But bankruptcy simply wasn’t an option. I remember my dad
saying, “I didn’t raise quitters!” and both of our husbands completely sup-
ported us, telling us to do whatever it took and not to quit.
We didn’t quit then, and I’m so grateful! We re-evaluated what we were do-
ing and made some important changes, but we kept working hard. I can’t
imagine my life today if we had decided to quit 20 years ago—the wonderful
relationships and rewarding experiences I would have missed out on. Life
is supposed to be hard, and one of the most important life lessons we can
learn is not to quit. "

– Shelli Gardner

Many of you know my story. If you are unfamiliar with it here is the link.


tell us about your dreams, leave a comment

“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding
the 20th.”
– Julie Andrews

“Others can stop you temporarily—you are the only
one who can do it permanently.”
– Zig Ziglar

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