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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why do I have so many art blogs?

I was doing a Late Night Stamper blog hop once and the rules said "you can not post anything new to your blog for the entire week" while the blog hop was going on so that the blog post would stay at the top of the page.

Because I had other things I wanted to post, 
I started a new blog.

It's almost like how stampington has so many stamping publications
InspirationsSomerset Digital Studio Somerset Studio Gallery
Somerset Memories Somerset Studio Take Ten
The Stampers' Sampler 

Talking about publications... when is the last time your work was in print???
These scrapbook pages were published quite a few years ago in The Stampers Sampler sister publication Memorable impressions. 
My friend Shirley Munoz and I use to stamp almost every day when my children were in school.
We had so much fun stamping and sharing our art. I know getting my art published helped me feel more like a "real"artist.
It also gave me lots of fun memories to blog about and gave me a reason to use key words like Stampers Sampler , Somerset Studios in my blog posts. Writing about getting published increased my search engine ratings as well as attracted new subscribers. 
I'm just starting to get more into FamilY History
so I think I will look and see what art they are asking for for their Legacy Magazine and send some in. 

Dedicated to turning family history into art, Legacy is a classic magazine that features a gorgeous blend of genealogy, paper crafts, fabric arts, memorabilia and mixed-media projects made by our talented readers and contributors. 

What will you be doing to help get your artwork noticed?

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