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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a daily dose of stamping inspiration by sherrill graff

If you are not inspired, how can you inspire others?

stamp daily
Just for the FUN of it! 

I love playing with ink refills on wet cardstock
I love the dark colored inks because it only takes a few small drops to get a big effect

Here is what I did this morning...

Look closely and you can just make out the rectangle of versamark in the photo above

stamp your butterflies in eggplant ink
press the versamark pad directly onto the cardstock over the stamped images

wet the cardstock in your sink
drop crushed curry ink  around the edges and let it run to the middle
The versamark stops most of the ink from running into the middle
then drop a few drops of eggplant ink, eggplant is really dark so don't add too much or it will cover over your yellow and turn everything brown

in the photo below you can see the purple has a blue base
also the little white specks are table salt

after the cardstock dries I will brush off the salt before finishing my card.

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Michelle Brinker-Bodley said...

This is a very unique card! I will have to give this technique a try! Hopefully my card won't come out all brown or black or something weird when the colors mix!

Carolee said...

I love the card. At what point do you add the salt? Is it before or after the reinkers?

Latenightstamper said...

do all your painting with ink refills then, lay your cardstock on absorbent paper or paper towels
then sprinkle the table salt on it.
Rock salt works even better but I didn't have any on hand.
sherrill graff

Karen Barber said...

how unique!! what a great entry to the favorite technique gallery! ;) thanks for playing along!