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Friday, September 6, 2013

City of Boulder City Nevada employee appreciation Lucheon at Boulder Creek

I bought $5 worth of drawing tickets when I arrived

The decorations 
and centerpieces were really nice

They had great prizes for all the children 

They also had a fun candy bar

I really like this one 

Mike Pacini
is the MC for the event 

He's always happy and smiling whenever I see him

Roger Tobler is our Mayor
He laughed when we saw this wanted poster

Here is a list of the employees that have 
been with the city for a very long time

these are the gifts they were given for their service

Roger Hall was taking photos

I was blessed to win this 9 foot umbrella for my family

they had a ton of great prizes!

A special thanks to everyone who worked so 
hard to make this event a success!

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