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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hand Painting Paper in your kitchen sink by Sherrill Graff

soak your cardstock in water
for a minute or so.

Let the water out.
add drops of Stampin Up ink refills
and allow the colors to blend.

you can also add the ink just to the top edge and lift the 
cardstock to watch the color run to the other side.

let most of the water and color drip off the wet paper
before you put it on clean newsprint to dry.

the brown packing paper we used to get in our stampin up boxes 
works great for this. 


Here are some other color combinations

Before our Open House 
for Creative Hair & Nails
1001 Nevada Way 
Boulder City Nevada 89005

Our cousin created out Open House Cake!

These are photos from the inside of our salon

This is my station, it's so nice to 
have plenty of room
to work

My twin sister Michele Hillam created these 
cute cookies for our open house party

This is Heather Minser
one of our Hair Models
she is wearing Matrix 3VR 

Michelle and her husband Matt created our signage

This is Jacqueline Morris, look at her fun new color!

Our Creative Hair, Skin & Nails Team

Janelle made the vinyl and Pam painted this 
and her husband Jack put it on our wall
the morning before our event!

Sarah's Facial Room

Crystal Martin painted our sign for us

Stampin Up sent me a 25 year pin
thanks Shelli and Sara
So happy to be a demonstrator for 25 years!!!

We were able to get internet so I can be on facebook 
at work! Our phone # is 702-539-0167

It's so nice to be able to do pedicures again!!!

Some of the places and things to see and visit in and near Boulder City, Nevada, 
the historic downtown welcome sign is about 3 buildings away from our Beauty Salon.

gambling and liquor were prohibited, community, A controlled growth ordinance, building permits, pace slower, 

Southwest Diner,  my favorite place to eat, fantastic service, 
relaxed environment, attractions, comfortable accommodations, dining choices, The Boulder Dam Hotel, 

5-star wonder,
Las Vegas, federal government, Building the Dam, Barber, 
Chamber of Commerce, maps and information, Boulder Theater, Arizona street, Shirley Temple, Prince and Princess of Norway, restaurant, serves breakfast, family, Backstop Sports Pub, Nevada Highway, Mel's Diner, Coffee Cup, Milo's in, antiques and art, The Dillinger,

Our Salon Team
Jen, Erin, Sherrill, Jonnie, Sarah
Chrissy, Trava, Alex,

The Reflection Center, Max Winthrop, Railroad, Colorado Streets, Teddy Fenton, '31ers, The Historic District, Veteran's Cemetery, Buchanan Street, Park, Municipal Golf Course, Skydive, Bootleg Canyon Zipline, Flightlinez, trailhead, Nevada Southern Railroad, Trains, holiday seasons, hair, skin, nails, 
wheelchair accessible, Railroad Pass Casino, Camp,  B hill, horses, City Hall, parks, Post Office, Government Park, Bicentennial Park, Gazebo Park,

Back in Thyme,
and Grandma Daisy,

are two of my favorite places
to shop,

Hemenway Valley, US 93, St. Jude's Ranch for Children, mountain sheep, Cheep, Christmas, BC Review, Social, serene, attractive, florist, 

discounts on color and cut with the coupon above

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, 
spend the day with us. 

702-539-0167 is the salon phone number

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