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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thankful for the freedom we have to Believe in Jesus Christ and worship him

Today is Fast Sunday
We (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) go without food for 2 meals 
and we donate the cost of those meals to feed the poor and needy.

Not only are we doing something good for others,
fasting allows us to give more time to Spiritual things.
When we fast we don't have to prepare meals which gives us more time on Sunday morning 
to pray and to read our scriptures, and to read the words of His prophets and apostles.

General Conference is coming up next week. I pray for all who will speak to us. 
I know Christs church is directed by Jesus Christ through his living prophet and 12 apostles.
May they be inspired to know the mind of God and his will for them as they prepare what they will say to all of us. 
What a blessing it is to know Christ's true church has been restored for us in these latter days. 

This month I am fasting for our son Ken to be able to pass his written proficiency test, 
which will allow him to earn the diploma so he can attend any college of his choice.
His "papers" are in for him to be called on a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
May God grant him his righteous desires as he is preparing to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know he will be a great missionary!

We are thankful for the family members and friends who continue to pray for him and his ability to pass this test.  

I'm also fasting for missionary experiences in our ward and for our family.  It has been said that helping to bring someone into Christ's true church is one of the greatest joys in life. How wonderful it would be to help a family to turn to God and receive his word and be baptised in His name. I know what joy belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ has brought into my life and the lives of our family members. It's wonderful to be anchored to Christ and to seek to do His will. 

It's a wonderful blessing to be surrounded by others who believe in Christ and who are willing to share that testimony with others. Fast Sundays allow members who are full of faith to share their testimony of Jesus Christ with others in the congregation. I always look forward to hearing the heart felt expressions of love towards our Savior and gratitude for his Atonement which allows all of us to be cleansed from our sins when we repent. 
I love knowing that Christ also felt our pains from things we will suffer in this life so he know how to succor us in our afflictions. I can feel his love and know he cares for each of us personally. 
What a wonderful loving act he did when he gave his life for each of us so we can one day live with him again. 

May God bless all the missionaries everywhere that they may find the people who are seeking for the truth. May we all go search for the lost sheep or the people God has been preparing to hear his word.

As we pray to find future friends who will find joy in serving God, who are willing to repent from their sins, make covenants to take upon them the Name of Jesus Christ being cleansed from their sins through His great Atonement, it helps us see the needs of the people around us. 
Praying for others helps us forget about ourselves and allows us to serve them out of love.

When we are in the service of others we are also in the service of our God.

I also fast for our children who are in college that they will use their time wisely to gain the education they desire that they may have added wisdom and gain good employment to support their future families. May they also seek to spend time with like minded, good people who will bring out the best in  one another. Surounding ourselves with friends is so important to our happiness now as well as our happiness in the future. 
May God bless them in their endeavors from the little things they do each day to all the big decisions they will make.  May they continue to choose wisely. 

I pray and fast for the continued health and safety of our family and loved ones.
May we all have the desire to be a little better each day. 
May we continue to study and pray so that we may be spiritually fed as well as physically nourished.
As we feast on God's word, may we to learn what God would have us do to serve our family and friends.

May he bless our Children, our grandchildren also with every good thing they stand in need of. 

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff


Bev Farmer said...

We had Revival last week. What an uplifting experience. It is a renewal of faith. Our community's youth are becoming heroin addicts at an alarming rate. One young boy was shot and killed last week and another was seriously wounded. Our church is going to the viewing and funeral to let these kids know that we love them and are here to help them as God for the compulsion to stop using these drugs and find Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Latenightstamper said...

I pray you will be safe
and that you and your church members are able to make a difference with these youth

The need to know they are children of God and that it's important to be clean and free from addictive harmful substances.

God Bless you friend for all the good you do!