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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fox Smokehouse and the BC Review Journal teaming up for a night of information and outstanding food

Please join us for a Customer Appreciation Day


I usually work 10 am to 7pm Monday - Thursday
and 10 am to 5 pm Friday
10 am to 2 pm Saturday

if you need a later or earlier appointment please ask
please call a week in advance

Our family
Thanks YOU

Not Pictured - Ken Graff
He is on a church mission 
in Colorado 

Beautiful Color

this customer found her photo in my 
Hair Color Photo Book
(her picture is on the right - the black hair 
with Red Violet Highlights)

Both of these were fun to do
I love meeting new clients

Below is Red Violet 
on Dark brown hair

We often process under steam 

Above is her color in the sunlight
Below is the same color in the shade

After I finished work   
I went over to the Boulder City Library
and who do I see first another client 

She was happy to see me

I love seeing her smiling face

Just for showing up
they gave us one free ad

I want to grow my business...

I loved the online tips and tricks they told us about
The "trick" is to be consistent with your ads

This was an informative
and well attended event
by The BC Review
and the Review Journal

I signed a contract to advertise
so please be on the lookout
for my ads
online as well as in print. 

BC Chamber - Jill Lagan was there
as well as many business people from our community

I didn't know it when I signed up
but they fed us a amazing smokehouse dinner


We go here all the time
we LOVE their food!

Fox Smokehouse
Boulder City Nevada 
on Elm Street

give them a call

Thank you both for all you do

BBQ in Town

Celebrating one year in business! › Town Happenings

Painted Parlor Becomes Restoreology. February 12, 2014 By Boulder City Social. The Painted ... Restoreology in Boulder City

below chalk paint

next door is Crafts Cottage

the corner is Ave B an Whyoming

Behind then is Bella Salon

Please view my reviews 

May God bless you and your family,
 Sherrill Graff

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